Our mission is to deliver Gospel-Centered Life Design to every believer. Clearly, we can’t do that by ourselves, nor do we have any intension to. The model of Younique exists to keep relational capital where relationships already exist! For most people, that will be within their local church. So we train pastors, church leaders, organizational leaders and coaches from across the spectrum to lead people through the transformational breakthrough of the Younique Experience.

Younique Coach
 A Coach is certified to take individuals through weekly Younique Experience in their 
local church.

Younique Master Trainer
A Master Trainer is certified to take individuals through the Younique Experience in their local church, and to train and certify new Coaches in their local 

Younique Multiplying Trainer
A Multiplying Trainer is certified to train and certify Coaches and Master Trainers in their local church, lead Installs in other churches and organizations, and are a key part of the ongoing development of local Coaches and Master Trainers.

Younique Life Coach
A Life Coach is certified to lead people in a one-on-one experience with our 48-Hour Retreat.

At Younique, we are passionate about training, equipping and releasing leaders to guide people on the journey of self discovery.  Join us as a Younique coach or trainer.  Our training process is highly relational, interactive, and committed to your success.