PASTORS: How to Revolutionize Your Church’s Discipleship Process in 6 Months or Less

The challenge for so many pastors is the deep desire for the people they’re serving to experience lasting, miraculous, extraordinary and breath-taking spiritual transformation...only to see that most people in their church are the same this year as they were last year (and probably will be the same a year from now).

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if that deep desire to see a discipleship movement unleashed in your church could become a reality?

In this FREE, Dave and Doug (that’s us!) will share how they’ve seen this happen in the churches they’ve served and the FIVE PRACTICAL NON-NEGOTIABLES for a successful discipleship process and how you can have it up and rolling in 6 months or less. We will lay out the insanely practical next steps you can start do the second you get off the webinar (and includes a free post-webinar-workbook to help you walk it out).

This is one of our more popular webinars, so sign up now as seats are limited and go quickly.