Is This Discipleship Process What Your Church Has Been Searching For? See if YOUNIQUE is a Fit For You.

So many pastors have a deep desire for the people they’re serving to experience lasting, miraculous, extraordinary and breath-taking spiritual transformation...only to see that most people in their church are the same this year as they were last year (and probably will be the same a year from now).

Furthermore, it’s no great secret that we are facing a discipleship crisis in the North American church. Most pastors have identified that the vast majority of the decline of the church is due mainly to our inability to create a culture of discipleship in our local churches. 

Knowing the problem is one thing. Finding the right solution is something else altogether. 

In this FREE WEBINAR, we will get under the hood of the Younique Discipleship Process. We’ll explore:

  • Why most discipleship processes fail and what they need to succeed
  • Why the Younique Process is seeing the fruit it is
  • Explore Case Studies of churches using this process
  • Overview of our 5 Master Tools
  • Lots of Question and Answer

We aren’t going to promise you the moon. We believe your church should do it’s due diligence in finding the discipleship process that’s right for you. Our hope and prayer that you will find a process and plan that radically changes the trajectory and fruitfulness of your church.

We hope you’ll join us!