20/20 Vision for Life

A 6-week all-church campaign
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A 6-Week Sermon Series to Inspire and Energize

Included with the 20/20 Vision for Life campaign is a 6-week sermon series crafted to introduce your church to the concepts of gospel-centered life design. Each message will inspire your congregation to know and name their special calling from God.

Small Group Materials to Deepen and Focus

Your small groups can use either the 20/20 Vision for Life Small Group Experience group questions or take the deep dive with the Younique Primer. Each of these are designed to motivate people to take the next steps necessary to live out God's dream for their lives.

The Younique Book to Bring Crystal Clarity

The Younique book contains tools and rhythms to equip each person to take a journey of discovery—finding out why God placed them on this earth. Not only that, but it empowers them with the tools they need to pursue their special calling every single day.

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What is in the box?

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Sermon Series

Use our done-for-you 6-week sermon series that is designed to work seamlessly with the Small Group Experience. Based on key moments in the book of Jeremiah, this series introduces the central ideas of gospel-centered life design.

Small Group Experience

Equip your small group leaders to facilitate discussions around the theme of each week's sermon. Each week includes both questions and simple activities that challenge people to apply the concept to their lives in a way that makes a difference today.

Younique Book

Discover the complete journey of gospel-centered life design in this book by Will Mancini. Thousands of people have already completed the journey and discovered the freedom and energy that comes from knowing and living God's dream.

God Dreams Book

In God Dreams, Will Mancini uses some of the same tools and approach outlined in Younique and applies them to your church. What is the unique calling and vision God has for your church? How can you name it and pursue it together?

The Primer

A powerful taste of what it feels like to live a life inspired by a sense of your God-given purpose, the Younique 6-Week Primer is designed for small groups to experience the highlights of the Younique journey together.

Promotional Materials

Included with your kit is access to our online archive of promotional materials to cast the vision to your church for the 20/20 Vision for Life campaign. You'll be able to download and edit each piece to fit your specific needs as you rally your church around this campaign.

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