90-Day Goal Together

How will you make 2021 better than 2020? While some things are outside your control, you can set and achieve significant goals that allow you to live the life God created you for.

Join Kelly Kannwischer, our CEO, for daily fuel to crush your next personal goal. Through daily videos on the Future Church Co. YouTube channel and daily blog posts, you’ll get tips, coaching, motivation and tools to define and achieve your next 90-day personal goal.

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Tools to Help You Get Started

We’ve put together several FREE tools to help you get started with your 90-day goal.

Download a free chapter from the Younique book by Will Mancini, in which he talks about the power of a 90-day goal and walks you through how to define one.

Download a free 90-Day Goal Renewal Guide to help you set your next goal.

Purchase the Younique 90-Day Planner. This planner was specifically designed to work as a part of the Younique LifePlan process, and it’s a helpful tool even if you don’t have a complete LifePlan.

Purchase the Younique Book

The Younique book is your field-guide for gospel-centered life design. It’s packed with tools that have guided thousands of people to get crystal clarity about God’s special calling for their lives.

Daily Posts

90-Day Goal: Day 89

What is the last movie that you watched that brought you to tears? Or the last video that was shared with you that brought tears to your eyes? I cry at Kleenex commercials even though I know they are strategically crafted to manipulate my emotions. And I don’t care. It feels so good to be…

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90-Day Goal: Day 88

By now you probably don’t need a dose of confidence. This is day number 88 and you are crushing your 90-Day Goal. You are a long way from where you started, on your way to crossing the finish line and celebrating a big accomplishment. Even if it looks different than you planned or wanted, you…

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