**ACCELERATOR UPDATE: Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate travel and gathering best practices. At this time, our next open accelerator will be in Atlanta in October, see below dates for additional information.  In the meantime, please consider joining one of our virtual events

The Younique 4-Day Accelerator

The Younique 4-Day Accelerator is designed to deliver breakthrough as you name your special assignment from God. You will be guided through a series of tools designed to help you name your call and then design your life to live it out.


Upcoming Accelerator Dates

accelerate (v) : to cause faster or greater activity, development, or progress

The 4-Day Accelerator is an intensive experience that accelerates breakthrough. The entire journey, all 24 sessions, are covered in this 4-Day group experience. Skilled facilitators and trained table coaches guide your journey as you begin to discover and name your special assignment from God. 

Leaders choose an Accelerator to experience it for themselves, gather perspective on how Younique can be an effective disciple-making process in their context, and receive coaching on how to bring Younique back to their church, school or organization.

Individuals choose an Accelerator for many different reasons, including when faced with timely questions. Big questions are answered, rhythms are formed for a life full of productivity and replenishment. You can enjoy personal clarity in only a few days.

The 4-Day Accelerator is about experiencing 5 essential tools:

Master Tool 1 | Clarity Spiral

The Clarity Spiral tool sets the stage for a life of designing our lives to live into the person God has created us to be.  This tool introduces the four essentials of gospel-centered life design: Courage to Know, Experience to Grow, Value to Show, and Risk to Go.

Master Tool 2 | Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot tool is designed to find the place you come alive at the center of Your Passion – What Fuels You?, Your Gifting – What Do You Do The Best?, and Your Context – Where Are You At Your Best? A robust set of assessment and tools, 6 in each circle, are explored and mined to name your unique Sweet Spot.

Master Tool 3 | Personal Vision Frame

The Personal Vision Frame is designed to help you articulate your identity through answering five questions of clarity:

  1. Mission – What am I here to do? (LifeCall)
  2. Values – Why am I doing it? (LifeCore)
  3. Strategy – How am I doing it? (LifeSteps)
  4. Measures – When am I successful? (LifeScore)
  5. Vision Proper – Where is God taking me? (LifeMap)

Master Tool 4 | Horizon Storyline

The Horizon Storyline is commonly referred to as the “1-4-1-4.”  The Horizon Storyline helps you to name goals to the vision of where God is taking you.  These are articulated as

  • 1 – 3 year picture (Beyond-the-horizon vision)
  • 4 – 1 year objectives (Background vision)
  • 1 – 90 day goal (Midground vision)
  • 4 – NOW rhythms for daily and weekly practice (Foreground vision)

Master Tool 5 | Life-Making Cycle

This tool puts structure to reviewing and renewing your Younique Life Plan.  This includes:

  • Daily Allocating – Give your energy, attention, resources and love each day to make your most meaningful life
  • Weekly Reflecting – Expand your perspective of God’s authorship of your life (macro) and assess your progress (micro)
  • Quarterly Planning – Create context for long-term aspirations and milestones for short-term priorities
  • Annual Retreating – Articulate and regularly refine your self-understanding of God’s design in and call on your life.

What Younique did for me was that it helped articulate and name something that I knew had been burning inside of me, and which gave me otherworldly joy when I paid attention to it. The tools used throughout the process allowed me to observe the juxtaposition of my own free will (by calling out drifts) alongside the obvious presence of God through the Holy Spirit.Matthew Somerlot, Mt. Bethel UMC
The Accelerator is a rush of discovery, fast-tracking your Younique Life Plan.  In just 4 short, yet intense days, you will experience breakthrough and name your special assignment from God.Jay Cull, Pastor Heartland Community Church

Getting Ready For Acceleration

Each Accelerator begins Monday at 1:00 pm will conclude Thursday at 1:00 pm. Upon registering, you will receive an email that provides you the access codes for the included assessments. In addition, you will receive guidance on completing pre-work designed to help you reflect upon your life story. In order to maximize your experience, we recommend setting aside 4-6 hours to complete these items. All together they will be used during the Accelerator to help you name your sweet spot!

I’m Ready To Accelerate