The Younique Primer

primer (n)
: a small introductory book on a subject

A powerful taste of what it feels like to live a life inspired by a sense of your God-given purpose, the Younique 6-Week Primer is designed to give individuals and churches an accessible way to engage gospel-centered life design. This journey is for small groups, classes, missional communities, and retreats.

The 6-Week Primer is designed to be teachable even by someone who has never gone through Younique themselves. It’s a perfect way to experience some of the breakthrough Younique offers at the same time as the people you serve.

The 6-Week Primer leads participants through an exploration of the life of David in 1 Samuel 17-18. Each session is designed to help people take new steps in discovering their calling and living it out.

The Younique 6-Week Primer leads people through:

Session 1 | God’s Story

Many people have an acquaintance with God’s story, but few people have interpreted it. Through an engaging study of scripture and directed conversation, participants will begin to interpret and articulate God’s story told in the Bible to set up their understanding of their own story.

Session 2 | Your Story

Similar to God’s story, everyone experiences their own story but few have interpreted it. Even fewer can articulate their story in a way that helps them find their place in God’s story. Participants will be guided to interpret their story with our Life Discovery Grid tool.

Session 3 | Your Gifting

Our gifting connects our lives to God’s power and propels us with his force. Participants will explore their unique gifting through a look at the gifts Jesus gives the church in Ephesians 4.

Session 4 | Your Passion

While Gifting connects our lives to God’s power, Passion directs our lives with God’s precision. Using the Passion Funnel and Passion 360 tools, participants will begin to name their premier passion.

Session 5 | Your Calling

Calling is what unites our story, our gifting, and our passion in a single purpose that applies to all areas of our lives. Using the Two Word tool, participants will begin to name their unique calling.

Session 6 | Your Goal

Goals focus calling toward one impact point in order to create exponential breakthrough. Participants will be guided to name a 90-Day Goal and inspired to continue designing their lives to fulfill the Ephesians 2:10 dream that God has on their lives.

The Younique 6-Week Primer Bundle includes

8 Participant Guides for individuals that includes notes and tools for all 6 sessions and 1 Trainer Guide for the leader complete with instructions and tips for leading all 6 sessions

6-Week Primer

Download a sample copy of Session 2 of our Primer