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Amidst Covid-19 and church programming disruption, move from responding to innovating with the Younique team.

You have been comforting people, stabilizing your ministry and getting services online. How soon will you move from adapting in the new reality to investing in disciple-making innovation? Cultural Christianity has taken a hit, but the mission of Jesus is thriving.

Open National Staff Meetings

Get the planning tools developed for the ongoing Covid-19 disruption as well as replays of our staff meetings and training.  Join us live this Monday at noon EST.

Free Book Download: Innovating Discipleship

Innovating Discipleship provides a simple but powerful master tool for rethinking your church’s ministry strategy in two dimensions—first, the results you’re aiming at and second, the engagement strategy you use to produce them.

Younique Students Webinars

Looking to connect with your students?  Younique Students speaks directly to students regarding their story, purpose, gifting and goals.  Valuable conversations to host during disruption.

Free Book Download: Clarity Spiral

What is the value of a Life Plan during disruption? Our free E-Book, The Clarity Spiral, will give you direction on how to keep moving even through the landscape has changed.

Younique Podcast

Special editions of The Younique Podcast will focus on how to build the capacity to deliver vocational discipleship in your church as people confront disruption in their church.

Special Online Course Offer:

As people in your ministry experience potential job changes, provide them the best training possible for taking their next vocational steps. This $180.00 bundle of 4 courses is being offered at just $29.

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