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Practical tools that will empower you to live out your special calling.

As we all encounter disruption and feel the impact on our lives, we want to provide both real encouragement and practical tools that will empower us to live out our special assignments from God in the midst of difficulty. 

Daily Blog Posts

Access to 2 daily blog series:

  1.  Be Strong – Daily reflections on how we can personally find the strength we need in a time of struggle.
  2. Looking Ahead – Daily reflections on how can we stay focused on steering our lives toward God’s best for us and not get distracted by the things we cannot control.
  3. Move Forward – Daily reflections on how to move forward when life as you know it has been disrupted and changed.

Access to Live Online Q&A Events

Kelly and Dave interview experts in their field to help equip you during this time of disruption in all areas of life.

  1.  Financial Planner and Coach, Tania Brown
  2. Spiritual Director, Pam Robertson

Younique Podcast

Special editions of The Younique Podcast will focus on vocational clarity, especially during difficult and uncertain times.

Online Workshop

Join Kelly and Dave for a live online workshop titled, Redefining Success.

Live Online Q&A with Dave and Kelly

What is the value of a Life Plan during disruption?  Kelly and Dave will answer questions on the value of a Life Plan, as well as share practical tools on how to handle it during disruption.

Special Online Course Offer:

As you experience potential job changes, this is the best training possible for taking your next vocational steps. This $180.00 bundle of 4 courses is being offered for $29 for a limited time.

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