Younique for Your Church

Busy but Bored?

You didn’t get into ministry because you love counting heads, negotiating dates, and managing problems. You got into ministry to bring people to Christ and grow them up in him. And you didn’t devote yourself to the church to pamper confused consumers. You did it to help people find joy in God’s best for their lives.

Fall in love with church all over again

Imagine that every day you heard a story like this out of your church:

• a woman making a big, risky decision by faith in God’s direction
• a man experiencing inner healing by learning who God created him to be
• a marriage being restored as spouses appreciate each other’s uniqueness
• a student starting a Bible study with friends who don’t yet follow Jesus

What would those stories do to your passion for ministry?

Younique energizes real church growth

Believers who live their calling are “on mission” for Christ at work, home, and play—and you can feel it. People know your church as the place where people become more than they ever dreamed possible. Younique can help you get there.

Other life planning processes can cost thousands of dollars, but the Younique Experience is built for everyday disciples. We train coaches in your church to teach gospel-centered life design, so the value stays with you. A person in your church who goes through the experience only pays the cost of the kit: just $198.

I find that most pastors and churchgoers are interested in living out what God has called them to do. The problem is most people don’t know what that is.Jessie Cruickshank, Gateway District Foursquare Church
Younique is far and away the most comprehensive tool kit I have seen for intentional life design around the Gospel that also includes a practical rhythm for personal sustainability.Brian Upshaw, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina
I believe this process is integral to helping us create disciples who have stunning clarity about who God created them to be and how they will walk this out daily.

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