For Churches

Dallas Willard famously said, “Every church needs to be able to answer two questions. First, what is our plan for making disciples? And second, does our plan work?”

Teaching and quality content will only take you so far in making disciples … you need to unlock the power of training to be truly effective.

Younique provides the process and tools you need for a disciple-making plan that really works.

Why Choose Younique for Your Church?

Like The Church You Lead

Do you want to lead a church defined by life change that filters into every area of people’s lives? Younique is designed to equip every person to discover their God-given design and make a plan to live it out every day in every area of life.

Lead The Way You Love

Imagine a congregation of hundreds of people all motivated to live out who God made them to be … with a plan to do it! You wouldn’t have to generate momentum, just harness it. Younique can make that a reality in your church.

Dare To Unleash Your Church

Younique is the toolbox you’ve always needed but could never find. You’ll unleash ongoing, unprecedented, mission-focused momentum in your church as you empower people to live out their callings at home, at work, and wherever they are.

I’ve tried every program out there. You name it, I’ve tried it. Younique is the single greatest opportunity for a church to enable its members to grasp a sense of their God-created potential for today, right where they are.

Chuck R, Peachtree Church

Connect every person in your church with the tools they need to know and name their God-given design.

Younique On Call begins at $250/mo and is based on church size.

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Engage Students in the Younique Process

Students are at a critical point in life. What if you could provide them with an 8-session process that would help them to understand how God has uniquely designed them? That’s Younique Students.

As we’ve worked through the process with students, we’re always amazed at how quickly they grasp the tools and the concepts—sometimes more quickly than adults! ​By the end of 8 weeks, they are energized with the idea that God has a dream for their life and they’ve taken the time to name it.