You can be the next certified Younique Coach or Trainer! Help others know and name their special assignment from God.

As a certified coach, you will be ready lead others through the journey of a lifetime.

Once certified, you can train to be a Master Trainer. As a Younique Master Trainer, you’re certified to train and certify other leaders as Younique Coaches in your church, organization, school, or ministry.

Get Trained

As a certified coach, you will lead others through the journey of a lifetime.  

Certified Younique Coaches are trained to be competent in the full Younique toolbox, leading cohorts, individuals, and groups to break-thru in their lives. 

All of your Certification training costs $1,000. Certification opens doors to coach, disciple, and mentor through your church, business, and life.

You can start the Certification process at any time.

Train Others

Younique is designed to grow and multiply, to raise up new leaders and coaches to release the power of personal calling in your organization. 

Certified Master Trainers are expert facilitators and coaches, leveraging their training to empower and equip leaders throughout your church or organization. 

Your training costs $1,400, which includes the fee for certification (travel expenses not included). You’ll gather with other exceptional leaders from across the country for two days in a dynamic learning environment, designed to bring out the best in you.

If you’re a Younique Coach and you’re ready to move on to be certified as a Master Trainer, sign up and we’ll let you know when the next Master Trainer Certification Lab is scheduled.

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Meet Some of Our Coaches

Tania B.
Restoring Hope
Certified Coach
As you go through the Younique Journey your life beautifully unfolds in front of you as you begin to see the tapestry of God’s bigger plan. It’s like scales falling from your eyes as you begin to see how each experience in your life connects to who you are, how you see the world, and God’s plan for your life. What you saw as messes in your life you now see as your message; you now see your brokenness as a tool to help mend others.
Brooke H.
Unveiling Glory
Certified Coach
I see magnificence in God’s creation. In the people He’s created and the diversified, spectacular physical world. It is a holy magnificence that each person has, despite the fact that it might appear buried, undervalued, or not worthy to the beholder; Jesus-follower or not. Pointing people to His glory in and around them is the manifestation of my two words, Unveiling Glory.
Kameran T.
Recognizing Potential
Certified Coach
As a life coach, I recognize the potential in people. It’s my job and passion to help them grow to reach that full potential. In my spare time I recognize the potential in a blank canvas or piece of wood and create something crafty and beautiful out of it. I recognize potential in every situation!
Shane S.
Formulating Fruitfulness
Certified Master Trainer
Shane Stacey exists to help people actualize tomorrow’s dream by courageously ordering their steps today. It doesn’t matter if the vision is godly-parenting, building a disciple-multiplying culture, growing a business or learning a new skill–they all require some formulating. Formulating is the thoughtful development of the necessary steps, resources and relationships needed for a particular outcome. Every vision often requires a unique combination of similar ingredients–a reliance on God, a refocus of relationships, a reallocation of resources and a realignment of rhythms. Life is never formulaic but it almost always requires some formulating.
Jessie C.
Catalyzing Development
Certified Master Trainer
Catalyzing is a great descriptor for how I do what I do. Because of my background in chemistry, I know specifically how a catalyst works. It reminds that I don’t create change in people or organizations, that is between the person and God. But I do come along side and help that change proceed faster and with less energy. Development is what I am looking to catalyze. Development does not just mean change. Development means change with peaks and valleys, learning and unlearning, broad spaces and times of testing. The journey of development can be depicted with an s-shaped curve and it is the adventure I help people and organizations embrace. My two words came to me pretty easily. As I walked through the Younique process and considered what specific thing I brought to every room, they just seemed to emerge. Since then. my two words became a focal point for me to guide my life based on who God created me to be, beyond the expectations or desires of others.
David L.
Integrating Identities
Certified Master Trainer
David Loveless exists to love God & love others by helping church leaders integrate healthier personal and professional identities, so they live more fulfilling and fruitful lives. I’ve found in my life and the 1000’s of leaders I’ve worked with over the years, that everyone wrestled each day with identity. The wrestling match of identity is found in seemingly contradictory things that they feel, believe, and have experienced. I’ve discovered that a significant part of becoming more whole and healthy, both personally and professionally is to the ability to integrate all the parts, instead of trying to live in denial of one or the other.

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