For Individuals

Become who God created you to be … do what He created you to do.

Most followers of Jesus don’t know God has a unique dream for their lives … and they don’t know how to discover it.

What if you could go through an energizing process of reflection and discovery, resulting in renewed direction for your life that flows from your God-given design?

That’s what Younique is all about. If you do the hard work of listening to God, you’ll be able to like the way you live and do the work you love. 

Begin your journey toward personal clarity

Like The Way You Live

Too many followers of Jesus end up stuck in a life of over-busyness and unfocused activity. Younique empowers you with the tools to discover God’s dream for your life and organize your day-to-day around what’s most important.

Do The Work You Love

You will spend about 90,000 hours of your life at work—so why not make it life-giving?  Through the Younique process, you’ll define the areas where you bring the most value and feel the most vitality at work, based on the way God uniquely designed you.

Dare To Dream Again

You were designed to contribute something meaningful in the world that makes you come alive. That sounds great, but … how? We’ll give you the tools to dream within your God-given design and make a plan to live out that dream. 

Younique helped name something that had been burning inside me, and which gave me otherworldly joy when I paid attention to it. The tools allowed me to observe the juxtaposition of my own free will alongside the obvious presence of God.

Matthew S, Mt. Bethel UMC

Begin your journey toward personal clarity today with Younique On Call. You’ll gain access to all of our online courses, including video teachings and downloadable tools.

Younique On Call is only $14.99/mo.

We’ve created a FREE trial course called the Starter Kit that will give you a glimpse of Younique On Call and how it could reshape your life!

Other Options

There are several ways to step into the Younique process in addition to Younique On Call. If you’re potentially interested in a virtual cohort, a 4-day Accelerator, or a 2-day 1:1 retreat, we’d love to connect with you.