Younique for Your Life

Now What?

Something isn’t right. How can life feel stagnant and unsettled at the same time? Frustrated—or disappointed—you drift through the present, but your mind is on your future. But the future is confusing. What are you supposed to do with your life? Where are you going next? And what do you need to do here to get there?

Gain breakthrough clarity

When it comes to life planning, many would be content with GPS directions for a predictable drive on familiar roads. But what if you had the skills and savvy of a wilderness guide? Imagine that you didn’t just know how to navigate your next step in life but every step in life with the compass of your unique calling.

Come Alive Again

The Younique Experience releases the power of the identity God created in you. Other life planning methods have self-assessment; Younique has self-discovery. Others have goal-setting; Younique has skill-building. Others have master teachers; Younique has master tools.

A day lived from your calling is a step on the road toward your dream job or a retirement given to what matters most. It’s a day that your activities advance the most important goals in every area of your life. It’s a day of overflowing joy and unquenchable hope.

I was struggling to understand if my frustrations with my prior job were about the firm or about me! Younique provided me time and space to reflect on my personal skills and passions and God’s desire for my life.

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Liz Head | Atlanta, GA
My experience with Younique continues to open my soul to who I am.John Spence, EdD | Springfield, MO
I started Younique as someone overwhelmed with the fear of not being good enough. God used the Younique process to break down walls, remove lies, and liberate me from the burdening expectations of myself and others.Eric Knapp | Atlanta, GA

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