For Pastors

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Don’t Settle for the Typical Pastoral Slot

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Most of North America’s 350,000 churches use a handful of role descriptions for their pastors. These typical expectations can’t do justice to the incredible of gifts and talents within the broader pastoral calling. Get off the treadmill of all the things you can do as a pastor to find the one thing you must do for God.  You gain incredible energy when you optimize your special calling within the church and delegate your “can-dos” to diverse team members and church members who live out their own special calling.

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We believe that your church won’t fully realize its vision until each person in your church grasps their own personal vision. Younique helps each person discover the ultimate contribution God put them on earth to make. When local churches equip and empower their people to live out their unique calling, an unstoppable movement of God will be unleashed.

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Stories of Transformation

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As a regional leader in my denomination, I find that one of the biggest hurdles we have to mobilizing our churches is the lack of people able to articulate their specific calling so that we can support them. Younique helps us identify chaplains, missionaries, church planter team members, and local church leaders. It keeps us from wasting time and money and potentially burning people out because we discerned their specific fit too late. I have seen and participated in over a dozen processes that help people learn about themselves and think about their life with God. Younique is the best one I have ever participated in. It is a strategic tool for us that continues to bear fruit in multiplying and mobilizing leaders.

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Perhaps the single greatest barrier faced by church leaders in fulfilling their God-given mission is a sense of misplaced identity. Pastors are trying to live up to the labels placed on them by others and by themselves instead of their identity in Christ. At the same time, they are searching for a discipleship pathway that will truly empower church members in their homes, churches, and communities. The Younique process is helping me as a state denominational leader address both of these burdens. Younique is far and away the most comprehensive tool kit I have seen for intentional life design around the Gospel that also includes a practical rhythm for personal sustainability.

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One of the ways we know we are succeeding at Campus Church (Norcross GA) is when we help people explore and celebrate giftedness. As Tabatha worked the Younique process, she discovered that the high points and hard times in her life were working together in her to help integrate women back into society after prison. She learned that she is a leader who can use her passions and abilities to make an eternal difference in the lives of the people God has called her to. In addition, the process is giving her tools to be able to step into this calling on a daily basis. Younique is helping people of all ages in our church gain stunning clarity about who God created them to be and how to walk it out daily.

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Join us at one of our upcoming 4-Day Accelerators.

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