Younique for Your School

You see the crisis others don’t

You are called to develop a generation of students with higher rates of emotional distress than any that’s come before. You see it every time a student comes into your office and closes the door. They’ve been told they’re free to define their identity, to be true to themselves. But many remain paralyzed, not knowing what that truth is. Others are climbing the ladder their world told them to climb. But now is their chance to have eyes opened to the theological meaning of work—to find a calling, not just a career—to work for significance, not just success.

Prepare the whole person

When students learn their calling in life and how to live it out God’s way, they become more emotionally resilient. They not only grow in confidence in their own unique identity, but they also appreciate others with different values and motivations. And they stride toward their future not with untethered wishes or aimless worry but with proactive promise.

Younique helps you to be more proactive too. Imagine a day not dominated by responding to the latest crisis. Imagine spending more time with more students who are growing in all areas of their life. Imagine walking onto campus every day excited and awed about what God is doing in students’ lives.

Advance your educational mission

Younique can play a critical role in your school’s mission to prepare Christ-centered students for servant leadership in a rapidly changing world. As a partner with the academic preparation students receive, Younique helps student development professionals deliver irreplaceable value to your institution.

Whether offered as a for-credit course or in your co-curricular program, Younique gives you the power to deliver on the promise of integrating faith and education for the pursuit of a life well-lived.

Younique University Course

Evangel University launches the first Younique University Course.  This 2 credit academic course will be offered Spring 2020.  It is open to both undergraduate and seminary students alike. Dean and Younique Coach Jon Spence says, “at Evangel University, ‘calling’ is a primary word in our culture. We are excited to see each of our students gain greater clarity and confidence as God’s masterpiece, created for an epic life. ” 


Younique For Your School

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