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Following your calling isn’t easy

Most people don’t do it, but you did: you took the plunge to devote yourself to helping people make progress in life. You committed to coaching people beyond success to significance, beyond career to a calling, beyond happiness to joy.

Being out on your own sometimes feels like you’re going it alone, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can serve the people you are called to, your way, with the support of powerful tools and credentials of gospel-centered life design that set you apart in the eyes of your clients.

The system you’ve been waiting for

The Younique Experience contains a powerful set of tools that is proven to help people find their calling in life and live it out God’s way. This is not a disconnected mix of self-assessments, a complicated thicket of goals, and a binder that gathers dust on a shelf. This is a system that integrates every part of a person’s world—not just their work—into the One Thing God made them to do and structures habits that change their life day after day, year after year.

Younique integrates the best assessments and exercises for purposeful living you’ll find anywhere—including some you won’t find anywhere else—into one complete package. You get equipped with all these tools for one affordable price rather than paying for a license from every company whose material you want to use.

Join a prestigious community of coaches, consultants, and counselors

A Younique coaching credential marks you as part of a growing network of practitioners of a life planning system that is second to none. But our community is more than elite—it’s fun! Our training and support gatherings will be the highlight of your professional year.

Most importantly, Younique is the one-of-a-kind vehicle to unite your passion for progress in people with the core of your Christian faith. No other life planning system makes that promise.

My Younique journey gave me a deeper self-awareness, a wider perspective of my place in the church and this world, a stretching of unused muscles to dream, and understanding to intentionally take steps with God into those dreams.Heather Stacey
I’ve always thought of myself as someone who had clarity about their life. But by going through Younique I learned that there’s a difference between having a feeling of clarity about your life and being able to articulate that clarity in a memorable and meaningful way.Chad Pullins
I came to Younique with both the broken and beautiful pieces of my story. I was unsure how to use them, much less understand them, but I learned to live from them.Brooke Hodnefeld

See what the Younique Experience brings to your clients.

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