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Times Are Difficult.
Your Growth Doesn’t Need To Be.

Find a Job.
Live Your Calling.
Maybe you need a job. Maybe you need a better job. Maybe you need a better way to live out your calling at your current job. Our JobLuv courses provide practical tools and an insightful process to help you know and name your special calling from God and how to live it out at work.
Make a Plan.
Reach Your Goals.
No one ever drifts into a life that truly matters … you have to make a plan. Younique Life Design courses guide you through a gospel-centered journey to know and name God’s dream for your life. Not only that, but you’ll design a plan to reach your goals with clear objectives along the way.
Develop New Skills.
Train for Life.
Too many followers of Jesus settle for information rather than transformation. But God’s desire for you is to fulfill the special calling He has placed on your life. In order for that to happen, you’re going to have to move from trying to training. The Younique toolbox will help you do just that.

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What’s Included

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Video Course Resources
Access To Top Notch Coaches
Worksheets for Clarity & Guidance

Life Design Courses

  • Clarity Spiral: The 4 Break-Thru Practices to Find the One Thing You’re Called to Do (available only for members)
  • Your Story Matters
  • Find Your One Thing
  • Living on Mission
  • Achieving Life Dreams
  • Life Planning 101
  • Your Ultimate Contribution (in development)

JobLuv Courses

  • Job Search: 5 Younique Strategies For Finding Your Next Job
  • Job Change: 6 Younique Tools To Step Into Your Sweet Spot
  • Your Dream Job Guide

Other Benefits Included:

  • Free Younique T-shirt when you complete 3 Younique courses
  • Monthly life plan Q&A with Dave and Kelly
  • 20% discount on merchandise in the Store

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Younique FAQ – Individuals

1. Payments & Login Info (6 FAQs)

Can I get a refund?

No, but you can cancel anytime. (Applies to next payment. Previous payments will not be refunded.)

Can I share my subscription with someone else?

We ask that each person have their own subscription. This helps us to have the resources to keep the resources available to you and generate more great content.

How do I change the credit card?

Login to your account at, then go to Payment Methods.

I already have a Thinkific account. When creating a Younique account, do I need to use the same address as their Thinkific account?

If you use the same email address as your current Thinkific account, then all your courses will be available in a single location. We definitely recommend using a previously existing Thinkific account’s email address if you already have one.

I tried to create an account, but it tells me that I already have one, but I don’t remember setting one up. What do I do next?

The best thing to do at that point is for them to use the Forgot Password process to reset the password related to the email address you’re using to login. They may actually have a Younique login without knowing it!  

I  already created a Younique account with a different email address than my Thinkific account, what do I need to do? Does it matter?

If your Thinkific email is different than your Younique account’s email, then you will have two different Thinkific accounts.

2. Life Plan Training Courses (16 FAQs)

Which courses are included with my subscription?

All Focus Courses are included: Life Design Courses: Starter Kit: 4 Essentials to Get Clear on Why You are Here Your Story Matters Find Your One Thing Living on Mission Achieving Life Dreams Life Planning 101 Your Dream Job Guide Your Ultimate Contribution (coming soon) JobLuv Courses: Job Search: 5 Younique Strategies For Finding Your Next Job Job Change: 6 Younique Tools To Step Into Your Sweet Spot Your Dream Job Guide

Will new courses be included in my subscription?

Yes, we will continue to add new content and courses to the subscription.

How long does it take to complete one session of a course?

Sessions vary in length based on the number of exercises included in each Session. Each video is an average length of 7.5 minutes. We would suggest allotting at least 30 minutes of time per session, again for personal reflection and completion of each exercise.

What kinds of things do I do in a course session?

Each course has a combination of teaching, training and trying. Videos will present biblical truth and learning from psychology and life design principles. Tools are provided to confer these learnings to your life. Then you will apply it to your own situation, trying new practices and designs.

What is the Younique Primer?

An introduction to becoming who you were created to be and doing what God created you to do. Offered for both students (Younique Students) and adults (the 6-Week Primer).

How do I access Younique Students?

Purchase our Younique Student Bundle from our online Store (includes 1 Trainer Guide and 8 Student Guides). You can go to for additional info.

What is a Life Design Course?

Targeted online courses to address the question you are asking now. They are short courses and accessible online. There are 2 categories – life design and jobluv. Monthly open Q&A with Dave and Kelly to answer your questions and access free coaching as you walk through these courses.

What is the Journey 1 Bundle?

Life Design courses include portions of the Younique Complete Life Plan. Starter Kit, Your One Thing, and Living on Mission are referred to as our “Journey 1 Bundle” because they include 85% of the tools and content in part one (out of three).

Does my subscription help me access the Younique Complete Life Plan?

Yes, in part. The Younique Complete Life Plan is our full life design process. Focus Courses introduce concepts and tools included in Younique Complete. For example, the bulk of part 1 (of 3) of the Younique Complete Life Plan is contained in four Focus Courses (Starter Kit, Your Story Matters, Find Your One Thing, Living on Mission; also known as the “Journey 1 Bundle”). Some life planning content, however, can only be found in the Younique Complete Life Plan. You can get it from a certified coach at Younique or at a participating church. To learn more, see

How do I choose between the Younique Primer, Younique Students, and the Younique Complete Life Plan?

The Younique Primer and Younique Students provide a high level introduction to the basics of life design. The Younique Complete Life Plan delivers a robust plan to live out, including clear goals and practical tasks and healthy rhythms, to live the dream God has for your life.

Can I take a course more than once?

Yes, as a member, you will have unlimited access to the courses, and can repeat as many times as you’d like.

If I have a problem accessing the courses, whom do I contact?

Email [email protected]

If I forget my password/login, what do I do/whom do I contact?

Email [email protected]

What merchandise do I get 20% off of with my subscription?

Anything listed under the ‘Merchandise’ section of our online Store Journal, t-shirt, pen, tote bag, decal/sticker, hoodies, Yeti ramblers.

How do I get my 20% off discount? Do I need a specific coupon code?

Yes, you will be given a specific coupon code to use once you subscribe and become a member. Remember, this discount is reserved for purchases made by the church only, not individuals in the church.

What if I can’t make an online workshop or webinar? Will they be recorded and will have access to the recordings?

Yes. Each webinar will be recorded, and the replay link will be sent out to those who registered/subscribed.

3. Certification as Coach and/or Trainer (17 FAQs)

What is a certified coach?

A Younique Coach is certified to take individuals through the Younique Complete Life Plan process in their local church, school, or organization. Certified Younique Coaches are trained to be competent in the full Younique toolbox, leading cohorts and individuals through the Younique Complete Life Plan.

Why become certified?

Certification opens doors to coach, disciple, and mentor through your church, business, and life.

What are the steps to being certified?

Go through the Complete Younique Life Plan. Register for certification on our online Store. Lead your own Younique cohort. You recruit four people to lead through Younique as a 6-Month Cohort followed by the 90-Day Launch. You will receive training through our convenient and robust online course to lead your group through each session. Our Master Trainers are available for one-on-one appointments to give you help and support along the way.

What does it cost to be certified?

All of your Certification training costs $1,000.

How long does the certification process take?

Begin right away leading a cohort through Younique Complete. The entire process takes approximately 9 months, a 6-Month Cohort followed by the 90-Day Launch.

Are there annual fees for certification?

No, however, every two years you’ll participate in an engaging two-hour webinar to renew your certification. The re-certification webinar fee is $195.

What is the difference between a coach and trainer?

A Younique Trainer is certified to take individuals through Younique in their church, school, or organization and to train and certify new Younique Coaches in their local context. Coaches are only certified to take individuals through Younique, not to train and certify others to be Younique Coaches.

How do I become a trainer?

In order to become a Younique Master Trainer, you must first become a Younique Coach. See the steps above for the full details of becoming a Younique Coach. Then you will attend our engaging Master Trainer Certification Lab.need to Attend the Master Trainer Certification Lab, You’ll gather with other exceptional leaders from across the country for two days in a dynamic learning environment, designed to bring out the best in you.

What does it cost to become a trainer?

Your training costs $1,400, which includes the fee for certification (travel expenses not included).

Yes, a subscription will help you both experience and increase your competency in the Younique toolbox. Coach certification training, as described above, is still required for certification.


When is the next Master Trainer certification lab?

Our current plan is to offer a Master Trainer Certification Lab October 20-21, 2020 in Atlanta. We will continue to monitor travel and gathering recommendations and restrictions as the event approaches.

How many people should I have as part of my training cohort?

We recommend a minimum of 4, and no more than 6.

What does it cost someone to be a part of my training cohort?

Every person in your cohort needs a Younique Experience Kit, which costs $198 (plus tax and shipping). They can either purchase it for themselves or you can purchase for them.

How do I get my training cohort the information they need?

All the prepwork that participants need to complete can be found at You will need to send them to this webpage once their Kit has been purchased.

How will I prepare for leading my cohort?

Receive training through our convenient and robust online course to lead your group through each session. Our Master Trainers are available for one-on-one appointments to give you help and support along the way.

What support is provided to me as a coach or trainer?

Our Master Trainers are available for one-on-one appointments to give you help and support along the way. Once each month you’re invited to our monthly virtual meeting, “Coaches Call” to help you to continue to grow in your skills. You’re also invited to our annual Coaches Summit for special training and community.

Does my certification ever expire?

No, your certification does not expire. However, to remain current with Younique with the ability to order kits and lead cohorts you will need to maintain an active certification status. Participation in a recertification webinar every two years is all that it takes to remain active.

4. Training Support Resources (3 FAQs)

Does my subscription get me a discount on training support resources (books, merchandise, etc.)?

You get a 20% discount on all merchandise in our Younique Store that is under the ‘Merchandise’ Category. This does NOT include our Kits, books and other printed materials.

What different types of Support resources do you have?

For Individuals: Younique Book Clarity Spiral Book Quarterly Premier Webinar with Special Guests Virtual workshops Younique Podcast Younique Blog Younique Planner Younique Branded lifestyle merchandise

Recommendations for the best ‘Starter’ support resources for someone interested in knowing more about Younique.

The Starter Kit is a free course available to anyone and everyone. This fun and engaging course is a great introduction to living your call. The Primer Course for individuals is both an overview of life planning and coaching on our key tools that gets you launched.

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