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Younique is led by you where you are, where relationships are forged and lives are transformed. We will equip you to empower and release coaches to lead Younique in your community. We will listen to your needs and partner with you to create a custom plan to successfully lead and grow Younique in your church, school, or organization.

How to run Younique in your organization

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We will learn about your organization to tailor an integration plan that fits your needs and capacity exactly.

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Experience Younique Yourself

Attend one of our 4-Day Accelerator and let the breakthrough you receive be the springboard for the breakthrough in your organization. We can also come to you and provide a 4-Day Accelerator for your team.

Become a Coach

Our convenient online certification course gives you the how-tos of leading others to breakthrough as you lead a small group through Younique for the first time. Our trainers are available to you for support and to answer your questions along the way.

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Train others

Step up to the next level of training to become a Master Trainer. Master Trainer certification allows you to train and certify more Coaches in your context based on your need and rate of growth.

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