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We are looking for some dedicated people to help us get the word out about Younique.

What Do I Get?
  • An early (watermarked) digital copy of the book for your review.
  • Access to private Facebook Group with exclusive Q&Rs with Gem & Alan about the book.
  • Access to a behind the scenes video of Alan and Gem talking about our process (the birth of the idea, the writing process, the challenges of actually living what we wrote, and more)
  • Bonus Content eBook (Content from our initial book proposal as well as content that didn’t make it into the final draft.)
  • Digital Set of Art Cards (Photographic images by Gem): Beautiful and full color, the cards contain the eight questions from the book, as well as further questions that help you sink deeper into the question theme. (Can be used personally, as a prompt for spiritual direction or counseling, or for group use.)

What Do I Need to Do?

  • Pre-order from Amazon or another online retailer (see links below).
  • Fill out the Launch Team form on this page.
  • Read the digital book upon receipt.
  • Join the private Facebook group (only for Launch Team Members, see link below).
  • Write an online review on 9/17/19 (
  • Discuss and engage ideas from the book on social media.
  • Share about the book via social media.
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