Next Step Leader

What are the barriers to becoming a Next Step Leader?

If you are not proactive in understanding who God created you to be, you’ll end up simply reacting to the people and circumstances around you. And without realizing it, you’ll give the people and circumstances in your life the power to shape you into something you were never created to be—leading to a life of growing frustration, bitterness, and lack of fulfillment. We’ve identified 5 Barriers that have the potential to design your life if you aren’t aware of them and can’t overcome them.

These 5 barriers are some of the most powerful forces in our lives that have the ability to keep us from discovering who God created us to be … and to keep us from becoming Next Step Leaders.

Barrier 1: The Me Others Want Me to Be

The people in our lives have all sorts of expectations for us, don’t they? Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, people we randomly meet as we go through life—they all have expectations of us. We’ve probably all experienced what happens when we don’t meet the expectations of people in our lives … they can get angry (especially family!). If we let them, these expectations can become a barrier to knowing who we really are meant to be. 

Barrier 2: The Me That’s Sexiest to Be

This barrier is about the imitation of success. We see other successful people around us and think, “I should be just like them.” So instead of trying to understand and own who WE are—our unique abilities, experiences, and passions—we spend time researching and watching these successful people and trying to model our lives around theirs.

Barrier 3: The Me People Pay Me to Be

Of all the barriers to self-awareness, this is one of the easiest to succumb to in our society. We all need money to live, right? So it’s far too easy to slide into a life where you stop thinking about who God has created you to be and focus your time and energy on who your boss pays you to be. Many times, you will even be financially rewarded for giving in to this barrier to self-awareness, which can make it so deceptive and attractive.

Barrier 4: The Me Time Makes of Me

Life today moves at 100 mph. If we don’t intentionally slow down, the pressures of the moment will drive us deeper into a lack of self-awareness. And these pressures take different forms during different seasons of our lives. You may have the time pressure of being a parent of young children or of trying to start a business or focusing on finishing school. These things, in themselves, are not bad things, but we shouldn’t let them come to define who we are.

Barrier 5, The Ultimate Barrier: The Me I Want to Be

In some ways, this fifth barrier can be seen as the intersection of the previous four. Most of us have an image in our minds of what we wish we could be, what we want to be. Unfortunately, this projection of self can be distorted and fractured because of our brokenness and inability to discern the negative influences that shape us into something we weren’t created to be. If this is the only picture we have in our minds as we think of who we are, we will always fall short and experience the pain of disappointment over and over again.

What if there’s a way to overcome those barriers and discover The Me God Created Me to Be?

That’s what Younique is all about. We’ve guided thousands of people through an intentional process of discovering, validating, and articulating the unique way God has shaped them. The freedom that comes from knowing and understanding your purpose is really incredible, because you begin to take back control of the design of your life rather than succumbing to the pressures of the people and circumstances in your life.

And that’s what it means to become a Next Step Leader.