Next Step Leader Gathering

Join Will Mancini, Dave Rhodes, and a small group of influential Baptist pastors for a Next Step Leader Gathering

Feb 15-19, 2021 at Hotel Emma in San Antonio, TX

During the week, no more than 40 pastors, who all lead churches of 1,000+, will delve into the most important topics that the church in North America is facing today, learning from one another and engaging in training, reflection and collaboration for both personal and organizational breakthrough.

Between Monday, February 15 and Friday, February 19, Will Mancini, Dave Rhodes and David Loveless will host and facilitate a Next Step Leader Gathering designed to introduce you to a brand-new leadership development matrix created specifically for SBC pastors. During this invite-only gathering, peers from leading churches will be presenting and there will be no vendors. 



  Soul Competency & Special Calling

  Renewable Focus & Ultimate Contribution

  Disciple Multiplication & Ministry Agility

  Cultural Engagement & Visionary Planning


  Innovating church strategy post-Covid, increasing digital culture

  Clarifying your personal calling beyond expected pastoral roles

  Upgrading your capability for training believers to live on mission everyday.

  Engaging racial justice and political conversations to advance the gospel

San Antonio

Hotel Emma

Hotel Emma is located on the river at Pearl. A historical hotel, authentic and welcoming, Hotel Emma was once a 19th century Brewhouse. Now it’s an extraordinary 146-room riverfront hotel and the flagship for Pearl’s culinary and cultural community on the northern edge of downtown San Antonio.

When you stay at Pearl’s Hotel Emma, you’ll experience San Antonio as if you are staying at the well-appointed home of extremely interesting friends.

NAMB is Providing at No Cost to You: 

1. 4 Nights at Hotel Emma, San Antonio
2. Welcome Dinner Monday night
3. Lunch and all day refreshments Tuesday -Thursday

The Next Step Compass

A leadership development matrix for the SBC

The Next Step Compass is a leadership development matrix designed specifically for the SBC with the goal of increasing the leadership capacity of every pastor.

As you can see in the figure to the right, the Next Step Compass provides direction in both individual and organizational areas, applying those principles in both general and contextual spaces.

There are 6 directional steps that live within each quadrant. By embracing these 24 steps, pastors and church leaders will expand their capacity in ways that both enrich their personal life from day-to-day and empower their ministry life from week-to-week. The result is not only more effective churches for the kingdom, but also more wholeness in the lives of pastors.

Includes 6 Steps

To experience more wholeness.

Space is Limited

Reserve Your Spot Now

Because of the exclusive, invitation-only nature of this event, spots are limited to no more than 20 pastors. We’d love for you to join us and add your voice to this time of collaboration and innovation for the sake of the church.

NAMB is providing at no cost to you:

1. 4 Nights at Hotel Emma, San Antonio

2. Welcome Dinner on Monday night

3.Lunch and all-day refreshments Tuesday -Thursday

To reserve your spot, you (or your assistant) can contact Stefanie Drawdy, our event coordinator, at [email protected]. She will ensure that all of the details are handled efficiently.

Don’t miss this opportunity to collaborate with a great group of church leaders about how we can each be more effective for the cause of spreading the Gospel of Jesus in a critical time for our nation and God’s kingdom. 

Schedule Overview:

MONDAY: 1:00 – 5:30
Welcome Dinner 6:30 -9:00

TUESDAY: 8:30 – 5:00

WEDNESDAY: 8:30 – 1:00
Free Afternoon

THURSDAY: 8:30 – 5:00

FRIDAY: 8:30 – 1:00

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