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How to Implement

To help you make the most of your investment, here is all you need to get started.

  • Installation Guide that outlines 8 Tips for how to implement this new digital platform in your church or organization.
  • Welcome Letter from CEO, Kelly Kannwischer
  • Promotional images that you can use and edit
  • Email templates to communicate with your church

Through Younique On Call, you can not only resource your small groups, classes, and missional communities even while not meeting in person, but also advance your disciple-making strategy through an interactive digital platform once you are meeting again. The guide for small groups gives you the power to use Younique courses to bring people together for discussion on discipleship, work, and their dreams for the future.

Digital Downloads
Small Group Guide

The biggest benefit your church receives from Younique On Call is access to all of Younique’s Focus Courses for all your people. It also includes resources to convert each Focus Course into a small group experience four to six sessions long.


Download two free digital books by Will Mancini. For the ministry of your church, read Innovating Discipleship: Four Paths to Real Discipleship Results. For your personal growth, check out Clarity Spiral: The 4 Break-Thru Practices to Find the One Thing You’re Called to Do.


These discounts are available for the church to make purchases; not transferrable to individual members of the church.

Younique FAQ – Churches

1. Payments & Login Info (4 FAQs)

Can I get a refund?

No, but you can cancel anytime. (Applies to next payment. Previous payments will not be refunded.)

My church member already has a Thinkific account. When creating a Younique account, do they need to use the same address as their Thinkific account?

If they use the same email address as their current Thinkific account, then all their courses will be available to them in a single location. We definitely recommend using a previously existing Thinkific account’s email address if they already have one.

My church member already created a Younique account with a different email address than their Thinkific account, what do they need to do? Does it matter?

If their Thinkific email is different than their Younique account’s email, then that person will have two different Thinkific accounts. Whatever login they used when they logged in using the specific church link you emailed them is the one that will allow them to access the church’s subscription.

I tried to create an account, but it tells me that I already have one, but I don’t remember setting one up. What do I do next?

The best thing to do at that point is for them to use the Forgot Password process to reset the password related to the email address you’re using to login. They may actually have a Younique login without knowing it!  

Life Plan Training Options (5 FAQs)

How do we determine which subscription level is best for our church?

Subscriptions are offered based on the average size of your weekly gatherings. This gives each person in your church access to Younique courses and resources.

What is the difference between each subscription plan for churches?

All subscription plans include access to Younique courses and resources. The price adjusts based on the number of people in your church receiving the benefit.

Does every person in our church need to create a Login through Younique to access all the materials? If so, what are the instructions for that?

Younique provides you an Installation Guide that walks you step by step on how to promote and grant access to Younique. We provide you sample copy for emails and graphics to add to your website and social media channels.

Is there somewhere online where I can download digital copies of the Small group questions/periodic table/, etc?

Yes, our Subscription Resources web page will be updated regularly with resources to support you. Here you will find resources you can download and distribute to leaders.

Are Survey Courses included in my subscription?

Survey Courses are not included in the subscription at this time.

2. Certification as Coach and/or Trainer (2 FAQs)

Do we have to have Certified Coaches in our church in order to walk people through the Younique Complete Life Plan?

Only certified coaches can lead people through the Younique Complete Life Plan. Individuals in your church may become certified or Master Trainers can be retained to come to your church to lead a Younique Accelerator or retreat.

Do we have to have Certified Coaches in our church in order for people in our church to participate in the Focus or Survey courses?

No, survery courses are designed to be fun and engaging opportunities to get started designing your life! Videos are available for the Primer for free from our website at www.lifeyounique.com/primer

Be A Training Center (5 FAQs)

What is a Younique Training Center?

A Younique Training Center is a church or organization that deploys Younique coaches and life plan offerings in their community and region. A Training Center is led by at least one Younique Master Trainer supported by certified Younique coaches. The team provides opportunities for people to experience Younique through workshops, training events, and offerings of Younique Complete. The Training Center also trains new and equips existing Younique Coaches.

How do we become a Training Center?

The first step is to experience Younique and identify leaders who will spearhead the initiative as Master Trainers. Then contact us – we would love to have a conversation about your goals and put the right plan and resources in place to ensure your success.

What is the benefit of being a Training Center?

Training Centers function as mission outposts, training people for the life God is calling them to live. Vocational discipleship is one of the key areas identified by Barna research that Millennials and Generation Z is looking for the church to provide. At the heart of Younique is clarity on work, life, and calling. Missionally, Younique gives you a tested and proven toolbox to engage your community and connect Sunday to the other 6 days of the week.

Training Centers are comprehensive providers of vocational discipleship. Leading coaches and teams, Training Centers multiply capacity for leaders to use and deploy the Younique toolbox.

How is this different from having a subscription plan?

Who can I talk with to get more information about this?

We’d love to talk with you! Set up an appointment by emailing [email protected]

Go Deep!
Podcast & Planner

Listen to the Younique Podcast as Dave and Kelly discuss Life Design topics in detail, and interview people who continue to live out their special calling.

The Younique 90-Day Planner is your perfect companion as you live your special calling, achieve your goals, and pursue the God dream for your life.