Introduce your team to the power of the Younique gospel-centered life design process through a Next Step One Day Experience. In just 8 hours, each of you will understand themselves more clearly than ever before and develop a plan for how they will pursue God’s special calling over the next 3 years.  

A Clear Vision for the Next 3 Years

The Next Step One Day from Younique introduces you and your team to the Younique tool box and approach. The focus of the One Day is the Horizon Storyline master tool, which provides personal clarity and corresponding milestones for the next 3 years.

By the end of the day, each member of your team will have more personal clarity than ever before and have a plan to pursue that clear personal vision for the next 3 years that is aligned with their unique design and specific situation. 

The full Younique gospel-centered life design process delivers a fully articulated personal mission, values, sweet spot definition, and so much more. The Next Step One Day Experience focuses on defining clear next steps each participant can take to pursue God’s purpose.

What Can We Expect?

The Next Step One Day is an interactive, collaborative team setting facilitated by one of our Younique Master Trainers.

Designed to be flexible so that it can accommodate from 6-80 participants, the One Day includes times of teaching, discussion, individual exercises, and collaboration. This combination of elements delivers a high-quality learning environment where concepts are not only taught, they become integrated into the fabric of your team.

The concepts of the Horizon Storyline master tool will forever change your team’s vocabulary and perspective about their own personal clarity and effective goal-setting. If your team is considering implementing Younique in your church at any level … the Next Step One Day Experience will give you a glimpse of the process and tools while at the same time delivering a new level of personal clarity for each member of your team.

God wants us to both dream AND plan. The dream gives us a picture of what our lives could be like when we trust God’s purpose. The plan defines the steps it will take to achieve the dream.

Younique Co-founder