Younique Planner

Designing Your Life

1. Declare Your 90 Day Goal

Singularity is the power of productivity. Step into your Life Plan by setting your unique 90-Day goal and committing the time and energy needed to be successful.

2. Plan Your Week

Win the battle between what is urgent and what is important by proactively allocating your time and energy before the week starts. Assess your progress toward your goals and make intentional choices for how you will approach the week.

3. Optimize Each Day

Begin and end each day in prayer. Steward your resources and make the most of each day where you live, work and play. Listen to what God says. rn Monitor your progress as you practice the rhythms that nurture your body, mind and soul.

4. Reflect and Adjust

Embrace the breakthrough practice of reflecting backward before moving forward. Reflect on the week gone by to gain new insights and convictions on how to approach the week ahead. Stay focused on your 90-Day goal and what truly matters most, listening to God and receiving his direction for the path forward.

90-Day Planner

The Younique 90-Day Planner is your perfect companion as you live your special calling, achieve your goals, and pursue the God dream for your life.

Features include:

LifePlan Support

90-Day Goal Declaration

Monthlies / Weeklies

Dailies with Reflection Guide

Quarterly Retreating Guides

Character is transformed by three things. First, you have to aim at the right goal. Second, you have to figure out the steps you need to take to get to that goal. Third , those steps have to become habitual, a matter of second nature.

N.T. Wright