Podcast and Michael Jr Info

Thanks for helping us with the exciting items below!

Podcast Season 2

Season 2 of the Younique podcast is taking a fun approach to try to demonstrate the power of the Younique toolbox AND engage people through social media.

In each episode, Kelly and Dave will go through one of our 15 Minutes of Clarity exercises (which are connected to the Younique toolbox). In episode 1, they share their 6-Word Stories.

We will be posting about this new season and episode 1 on our social media channels on Thursday, Nov 5. Please like, share, and comment on the post with your own 6-word story.

By fostering more engagement on social media, more people will see the simple and profound power of the Younique toolbox and be more apt to engage with the full process!

Click below to download the image to the right so you can post it on your personal social media channels, along with this link: lifeyounique.com/podcast

Submit a Question to Michael Jr.

We’re preparing for the Live Online Launch Event for Will’s new book, Future Church. One of the exciting things about this event is we’ve been able to get the comedian Michael Jr. to be a part of it! Most of you will remember that we’ve used a video of Michael Jr. talking about discovering and articulating his purpose in the Younique process. Now we get to have him at our event!

One of the things Michael Jr. is going to do is respond to questions we submit ahead of time. That’s where we need your help. 

Here’s all you need to do.

Simply¬†go to this website and submit a question that starts with, “Michael Jr., I was wondering …” You can literally ask anything! And, feel free to submit more than one question if you’d like.

Of course, we’re looking for some of the questions to be about the topics and themes covered in the Future Church book. Here are some ideas to get your brains going.

Michael Jr., I was wondering …

>> Why is understanding your calling or purpose in life so important?

>> What was the most surprising thing for you about how churches responded to COVID?

>> What did churches start doing during COVID that they should have done a long time ago?

>> If a pastor from the future came back in time and said, “You thought 2020 was crazy, let me tell you about 2021,” what would he or she tell us?

>> What reasons do people have for going to their church that their pastor would never guess?

>> What’s the best thing that will come out of 2020 for the future church?

>> What’s the strangest thing you’ve heard a pastor say in 2020?

>> What’s the strangest thing you’ve heard a Christian say in 2020?

>> What are the 3 things that you couldn’t do without during 2020?

>> Will we ever get “back to normal”? Why or why not?

Feel free to ask anything you’d like! Michael Jr. and his team will select 5 or 6 to respond to during the Future Church Online Launch Event.