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Younique Podcast

Episode 5

Thriving (Instead of Surviving) in December

Culture tells us the month of December is supposed to be THE MOST amazing month of the year. And sure, there are some high points, but most of us leave the month more ragged and depleted than how we went into it. How do we navigate all of the “oughts and shoulds” of this month, and what if we could leave it more connected to God and to our calling than going into it?

Episode 4

When Leaders Fall

It’s not often you hear a live discussion that tries to understand the leadership crisis around us without slipping into moral condescension, cynicism or outrage culture. In this episode, Dave and Kelly talk through the 4 most prevalent leadership myths today, how they create traps for leaders and the ways they’ve personally navigated (successfully and unsuccessfully) those leadership pitfalls.

Episode 3

Special Edition Podcast

In this special edition podcast for Episode #3, Dave & Kelly go behind the scenes to talk about the development of the newly launched, “Younique 6-Week Primer.” They talk about why people need to start in the shallow end if there’s hope to see lasting change and transformation and the things they’ve learned in this creation process.

Episode 2

Dealing with the “S” Word

In Episode 2, Dave & Kelly dive into the complexities of what we mean when we say the word “success.” Where does it need to be re-defined and what were the places and people who shaped the way they understand the “S” word.

Episode 1

Why Life Design Skills are so Hard to Develop

In the first episode of The Younique Podcast, Dave Rhodes and Kelly Kannwischer share their hopes and dreams for the podcast, and then dive right into why developing Life Design Skills is so difficult.