For The Trainer

Below are resources designed to help you, the Trainer, as you lead your students to naming their unique call!

Younique Students Assessment Resources

In Younique Students, we recommend a few assessments you can offer your students throughout this process for FREE. Below are links to these resources, as well as other recommendations from the Younique Team.

Recommended in Younique Students

Other Free and Low Cost Assessments

Premium Assessments

  1. Insights Discovery – $50.  Order through Younique by contacting [email protected]
  2. Clifton Strengths – $30. Order through Younique by contacting [email protected]

Younique Students Resources

Younique Students Tips

Session #1

-Make sure that you have prepared the necessary materials (markers, tags, etc.) that will be needed at the end of this session.

Session #2

  • This is a process not a product so go at the pace of your group, not just the pace of the sessions.
  • Make sure everyone gets a chance to share their story. -Invite students to complete the training material throughout the week
  • They don’t have to get it all completely finished in the session.
  • Use the warm-up section to both debrief the last session and forecast the new session

Session #3

  • If you haven’t already done so, email the students early in the week with the links to the two Assessments that they will need to take for this Session
  • Take the Assessments yourself and have your results ready to share with the group.
  • Take some time to familiarize yourself with each of the Personality and APEST Types.

Session #4

  • Take time to bring the “gifting” conversation to a close before you move to “passion” in Session #4.
  • If you are doing Younique Students alongside adults who are working through the Younique Primer then make note that the tools in this session are repeated in both places.
  • Remember that our Story runs through each piece of the arrow.
  • With students it is incredibly important to acknowledge that passion is something that is being developed in them not just discovered by them.

Session #5

  • Make sure that you have prepared the necessary materials (markers, tags, etc.) that will be needed at the end of this session.
  • Use the Warm-Up section to review your student’s discoveries from The Passion Funnel and the Passion 360 exercises in Session #4 and link those discoveries to beginning of Session #5.
  • During this Session we dive head first into the topic of pain. Be especially aware of the tension between coaching and counseling as student’s talk about their pain. Some students may need personal or professional help as they process painful moments in their lives.

Session #6

  • Story, Gifting and Passion are areas we will mine to name purpose. Make sure students have time to capture their discoveries from Sessions 1-5
  • Students will need their work from Sessions 1-5 to reference during Session 6. Remind them to bring their notes and guides

Session #7

  • Breakthrough often comes on the other side of breakdown
  • Calling answers the “what” question of our lives
  • Values answer the “why” question of our lives

Session #8

  • Make sure to create space in your calendar to arrive early for this last session in order to help students who might be feeling a little stuck
  • Have the “This is Me–Behind the Scenes” video loaded and ready to go
  • Place each student’s name in a bowl for the celebration exercise
  • Create a festive environment for today’s reveal session

Optional Video Resources

Below are optional video resources that we use in the Younique Complete Life Plan, which you might want to incorporate into your time with your Students as well.

This is Me – behind the scenes video to play in session 8 to begin the celebration

Michael Jr. – TedX talk by the stand-up comic about living your calling

Younique Students FAQ

Is Younique Students for High School or College Students?

Younique Students is effective for students in the age range 13-20, approximately 8th grade through early college. The material is flexible to meet your students where they are in life. You can lead the discussion questions to be relevant for the age and life stage of your students.

Are Personality Assessments Included in Younique Students?

Younique Students refers students to assessments that are available at no cost. We welcome students to bring any assessment they have taken at school, church or work to the discussion.

Can Younique Students be led virtually?

Yes, Younique Students is an excellent investment during this season of disruption. Dave and Kelly will provide tips on leading it virtually during the overview and training sessions.

How Do I Get the Materials?

Everyone who signs up for the overview and training sessions will receive a copy of the Trainer’s Guide FREE as a PDF document that can be downloaded. Student Participant Guides can be purchased in our store.

Younique Students Replays and Tools

Dave and Kelly offered weekly webinars for people interested in leading Younique Students. Below you will find replay links for each webinar, 1 for every session.

CALL 4 – April 9th
CALL 3 – April 7th
CALL 2 – April 2nd
CALL 1 – March 31st

For more information about Younique Students, visit our webpage here.