Younique Students

A journey of personal identity and calling

As a whole, Younique students provide students the space to discover their unique calling in who God created them to be. I recommend this program for any youth ministry looking to go in depth with their students in personal and spiritual growth. Mary B. – Peachtree Church, Atlanta, GA
“Younique really helped me understand myself. But months later I am surprised by how much I appreciate the differences of others as well, giving me more patience in my daily interactions.”Danica K. – Student

What is Younique Students?

Younique Students is an 8 Session journey that helps students name their unique call from God.  Students will use tools and assessment designed to help them name their special assignment from God.  Rooted in the gospel teachings of Jesus, the journey visits  the stories of biblical figures  including David and Esther in addition to the letters of Paul to the early churches.

Each session is designed to be interactive and fun, building on the metaphor of an arrow to help students understand their story, discover their gifts, name their passion, declare their call, share their values and set a goal.  

Overview of the 8 Sessions

Your Story

Everyone experiences their own story but few have interpreted it. Even fewer can articulate their story in a way that helps them find their place in God’s story. Students will be guided to interpret their story in a unique way.

Your Gifting (Part 1)

Our gifting connects our lives to God’s power and propels us with his force. Students will explore their unique gifting through looking at the meaning of their name.

Your Gifting (Part 2)

Our gifting connects our lives to God’s power and propels us with his force. Students will explore their unique gifting through a look at the gifts Jesus gives the church in Ephesians 4, and taking 2 personal assessments.

Your Passion (Part 1)

While Gifting connects our lives to God’s power, Passion directs our lives with God’s precision. Using the Passion Funnel and Passion 360 tools, students will begin to name their premier passion.

Your Passion (Part 2)

A true passion is a conviction that withstands the test of pain. Fortunately, discovering what your convictions are doesn’t have to be painful; it can even be fun!  We do this with a tool called Offender Opposites

Your Call

Calling is what unites our story, our gifting, and our passion in a single purpose that applies to all areas of our lives. Using the Uniqueness Funnel and Two Words tools, students will begin to name their unique calling.

Your Values

In this session, we want to go further and use our story, gifting, and passions to name what we call our LifeCore, also known as our values. Our LifeCore answers the “why” question of our lives. It expresses the core convictions in our souls, the things we care about the most.

You and Unity

This is the final session designed to share and celebrate everyone’s individual calling and values.

Your Vocation Map

Bonus Session 1 gives students a road map of how they might design their life over time to find your vocation and flourish in it.

Decision Making Filter

Bonus Session 2 equips students with a powerful tool to use the calling they’ve discerned through Younique so far to make decisions about work, education, and more.

How to Use Younique Students

Interested in Younique Students? Here is a brief video from Kelly and Dave, co-writers of the Student Primer, diving into what this journey is all about!

Tips for Using Younique Students

If you plan on leading a group of students through this content, watch this video first for helpful tips!

Help Students identify their unique calling

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Younique Students for?
As a recommendation, this material is designed for Middle School, High School and early College-aged students. Similarly, for anyone between the ages of 13-20 years old.

Is Younique Students available as a College/University course?
No, this is not designed to be an accredited course at a school. Instead, this 8-week journey is designed for small groups, classes, camps, and retreats.

Can I lead Younique Students even if I haven’t been through Younique ?
Yes, this is specifically designed to be teachable even by someone who has never gone through Younique themselves.

Is there a version of the Younique Students for adults?
Yes. We created a 6-Week Primer for adults to give individuals and churches an accessible way to engage gospel-centered life design. You can learn more HERE.