Younique Students 2.0

An 8-session guide to shape your future

The Student Life Plan is an 8-session journey that helps students name their unique call from God.  Students (age 13-18) use tools and assessment designed to help them name their special assignment from God. 

Rooted in the gospel teachings of Jesus, the journey visits the stories of biblical figures including David and Esther as well as drawing from the letters of Paul to the early churches.


Most students are simply making their way through life, moving from thing to thing, with no idea of why God created them and what they have to offer the world.

God has been dreaming about the lives that each one of us is to live from the beginning of time. He has created each of us as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece with good works to do that he prepared beforehand. Our privilege as leaders is not only to learn to know and name our own calling but to help others do the same.

You don’t need any kind of certification to lead students through this process—we provide all the training you need.

Younique really helped me understand myself. But months later I am surprised by how much I appreciate the differences of others as well, giving me more patience in my daily interactions.

Danica K. – Student

What is Younique Students?

At a critical point in their lives, the Student Life Plan guides students between the ages of 13-18 to a clearer, richer understanding of how God has uniquely and specifically designed them for a purpose.

Through a combination of Biblically-based teaching (either delivered by a facilitator or through the videos we provide), interactive discussion, guided personal reflection, and practical exercises, Younique Students creates the perfect environment for teenagers to discover and articulate their God-given gifting, abilities, passion, and calling. 

Through your Trainer’s Guide, you’ll have everything you need to guide students through this process. Not only that, but you get access to our library of teaching and training videos specifically created for the Student Life Plan.



Students discover that God has created them as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece and they are more unique than they think.


Students learn that their gifts are a sign of their divine design and they begin the process of identifying their unique gifts.


Using a tool based on Ephesians 4, students gain a deeper understanding of how their gifting empowers them to make a difference.


Students are guided through a process of articulating their core motivations and how those can provide fuel for their calling.


A true passion is a conviction that withstands the test of pain. In this session, students continue to identify their deepest passions and motivations.


How do you understand and articulate your God-given calling? In this session, students define their LifeCall in just two words, experiencing freedom and purpose through clarity.


Students learn how to identify the aspects of the gospel that resonate with them the most, defining their essential personal values—the things they will never compromise.


Students are reminded that their personal calling is most fully expressed as a part of God’s larger story in the church. Each student has the chance to share the elements of their LifePlan with the group.


When you purchase the Student Life Plan, you get access to our library of teaching videos specifically developed to help students through the process.

Our teaching team, Mary Wade and Nate, have both experienced the personal breakthrough and freedom that comes through Younique. In addition, they have a passion to see students experience that same kind of breakthrough.

So if you’d rather not have to handle the teaching part of each session, Nate and Mary Wade have already done the hard work for you! You’ll be able to stream the videos from our website or download them to use offline.


Along with the 8 teaching videos, you’ll also have access to training videos to help you coach and guide students along the way. The training videos include session-specific tips to enhance the process for everyone involved.


All purchases include access to teaching videos.

The Bundle // 8 Participant Guides + 1 Trainer Guide [$124.99]

By far, this is the most popular way for you to dive in to the Younique Student Life Plan.

10 Participant Guides [$144.99]

If you’re taking a larger group through Younique Students 2.0, this is a great way to stock up on participant guides.

1 Trainer Guide [$19.99]

When you’re co-facilitating with someone, you can purchase a single trainer guide. Or, if you just want to get a single trainer guide to check things out, that’s fine, too.

1 Participant Guide [$19.99]

If you just need a single participant guide—either to check it out or make sure you have enough for your group, you can do that here.


Do I need to be certified as a Younique Coach in order to facilitate the Student Life Plan?

No! We provide training videos for each session of Younique Students that give you tips and insight into how best to guide students through this process. Between those videos and the Trainer Guide, you’ll have everything you need.

What age range is best suited for the high school edition of the Student Life Plan?

We would say that an individual or student who is between the ages of 13-18 would be ideal for the high school edition of the Student Life Plan. College aged students (18-25) can look at the College edition of the Student Life plan and young adults who are past the college stage can look at the full fledged Younique Process.

What can one expect when they purchase and are trying to guide the Student Life Plan  (High School) process?

Every guide comes with eight sessions with two bonus sessions. Within each session, the materials are broken down into “warm up, set up, step up, and wrap up” sections for each session. Here is an explanation that can be found within the guide as well.

The “Warm Up” sections are designed to help with reviewing the previous learnings and to prepare them for what they will learn in the session at hand. The “Warm Up” is filled with several questions to help students start talking before you start teaching. 

The “Set Up” section is designed to set the biblical context and foundation for the things the students will learn in each session. This section alternates between biblical stories and biblical instruction in order for students to see their own story in the life of the Bible characters, and hear biblical principles throughout the process. 

The “Step Up” section is designed to help students apply the truth of the teaching to their own lives. The tools, exercises, and assessments in this section give the students an opportunity for hands-on learning and discovery about God and themselves. This is where true breakthrough happens. As students embrace and engage in their own story, gifting, passion, calling and values, we believe the gospel will come alive in their hearts in a way that teaching alone cannot do. Every “Set Up” section has a Big Thought that captures the lesson of the session in one sentence. At the point in the teaching where it appears in this Trainer’s Guide, introduce it to the students. They have the Big Thought in their Participant’s Guides with blanks to fill in.

The “Wrap Up” section is designed to pull the principles and practices from each session together into a cohesive whole. It gives students an opportunity to share their personal learnings with each other and helps them use these shared learnings throughout the week.

How long does it typically take to go through the Student Life Plan (High School)?

The guide was designed for eight sessions or eight weeks. However, an instructor can break up sessions to include more weeks between sessions and also include the two bonus sessions into their facilitation.

Where would a church, high school, or other organization working with high school students use the Student Life Plan (High School)?

The Student Life Plan was created as a freshman to senior level course which any student from any year can take. The Student Life Plan is designed for an organization being able to incorporate the guide into their “core curriculum” for all high school students to take to grow in their identity formation and vocational calling or as an additional resource that students can opt into.

Why should a student go through the Student Life Plan (High School)?

Any student that wants stunning clarity in their vocation and the unique calling God has designed for them to walk in, the Student Life Plan draws from a time tested and groundbreaking approach to personal calling through tools, frameworks, and assignments that are simple and reproducible in any vocation. Most highschool students go through four years of school without fully understanding who God has created them to be and the purpose he has called them to. This guide helps students to have clarity early on that is knowable and nameable which can guide or deepen their early adult years and into their college years.

Is Student Life Plan (High School) affiliated with a certain denomination or based in a certain theological framework?

The Student Life Plan was curated and intentionally designed from a variety of denominational and theological backgrounds. The guide was built with the heart of Mere Christianity to stay true to the firm othodox christian beliefs and to help students to stay focused with who God is making them to be.


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