The Younique Life Plan

Build your plan with a Breakthrough process

The Younique experience is a journey of learning the 7 Essential Skills of Gospel-Centered Life Design. With these skills, you can design a plan that fits the life God dreamed for you.

At the end of the journey, you will be able to answer five questions with breakthrough clarity:

• What am I called to do?
• Why am I doing it?
• How am I doing it?
• When am I successful?
• Where is God taking me?

Does it sound simple? It is—but it isn’t simplistic. We agree with Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.:

I wouldn’t give a fig for simplicity on this side of complexity,
but I would give my life for simplicity on the other side.

Younique coaches guide participants through insight-rich reflection on all their life’s complexity to the breathtaking, life-giving simplicity on the other side.

Companions and a kit for the journey

The Younique process consists of 24 training sessions followed by a 90-day launch of positive coaching and accountability that helps participants make their calling practical in their lives. Younique sessions blend thoughtful exercises and sparkling conversation with top-flight teaching from skilled coaches.

Each participant receives the Younique Kit, our beautiful collection of resources for the journey. In addition to some of the best tools in life planning available, including our own proprietary innovations, the kit includes three world-class assessment instruments that help you grasp how God has uniquely wired you.

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4 Ways to Take Your Younique Journey

4-Day Accelerator

The 4-Day Accelerator is an intensive experience that accelerates breakthrough. Individuals faced with timely questions are able to reach personal clarity in only a few days. The Accelerator is also ideal for leaders of churches and ministry networks, universities and schools, and other organizations considering Younique.

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6-Month Cohort

The 6-Month Cohort involves weekly sessions. It is the primary way that people in the local church experience Younique, but contact us about the affordable cost and launch date of our next online virtual cohort.

1:1 Retreat

The 1:1 Retreat is a premium experience designed for people able to allocate the time and resources for personal clarity. Contact us to learn more and to be paired with a certified coach who will provide you cost information.

6-Week Primer

The 6-Week Primer is a taste of the full Younique journey designed for small groups to large classes. With a helpful Trainer’s Guide, you can experience breakthrough yourself even as you teach others. No experience necessary!

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Make Younique a part of your organization

Unleash the power of personal calling in your whole church, school, or organization. We train coaches in your organization to guide your team and anyone you serve through the Younique process.

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