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Avoiding Pastor-Leads-It-All Syndrome

Too many pastors feel like they have to lead everything, especially if it involves starting something new that serves the community in practical ways. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. FiveTwo and Younique have partnered to help you learn How to Find Leaders Who Can Start New Ventures.

Join us at 2:00pm (eastern) on Monday, April 5 for this FREE webinar co-hosted by Younique CEO, Kelly Kannwischer, FiveTwo President, Bill Woolsey, and Younique Founder, Will Mancini.

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Welcome to Younique On Call! New members and those considering joining us are welcome. We will show you how to maximize the benefits of Younique On Call in addition to answering your questions. We are here to help you get the break-thru you are looking for.