Younique Master Trainer Certification

A Master Trainer is certified to take individuals through the Younique Experience in your local church, school or organization, and to train and certify new Younique Coaches in your church, school or organization.

This Certification is intended for those who will certify Younique Coaches in their own church, school, university, organization or ministry. Certified Master Trainers are supported by a Younique Multiplying Trainer, who provides ongoing support and development. Certification enables you to certify individuals as a Younique Coach.

Master Trainer Certification Event

This 2-Day training event is offered twice a year and is required for your certification as a Master Trainer. You’ll gather with other exceptional leaders from across the country in a dynamic learning environment, designed to bring out the best in you.

Our next Master Trainer Certification Event is October 8 and 9, 2019 in Atlanta, GA. The cost is $1,400 and does not include travel expenses.

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Schedule Overview

10:30 Introductions and Overview
11:00 The Art and Science of Training
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Assessments – A Deeper Dive
2:30 Break
3:00 Master Trainer Presentations and Feedback
5:30 Close for Day
Dinner Together


9:00 Values – Mine for Gold
11:00 Tool Keys
12:00 Poise and Mastery (Working Lunch)
1:00 Younique Trainer and Partner License
2:00 Younique in Your Context
3:30 Adjourn

The Younique Certification Lab was a great opportunity to look under the hood of the Younique process. To be in a “live” Accelerator environment observing real participants engaging with the material and debriefing the process behind the scenes with the Younique team was an invaluable experience. I loved the hands-on small group coaching from expert facilitators on how to successfully help others get breakthrough. Learning shoulder to shoulder with other coaches and trainers who are implementing gospel-centered life design in their various contexts was a compelling way to collaborate and explore creative ideas. All in all, an excellent investment in the certification process. Kimber Liu

Pathway to becoming a Certified Master Trainer:

• Completion of all requirements of a Certified Younique Coach

• Personally utilizes the LifeMaking Cycles

• Demonstrates the ability to train others

• Attend the Master Trainer Certification Lab

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