The 48-Hour Life Plan is a creative, reflective and action-oriented, one-on-one experience.

Our certified Younique Life Coaches are trained to help you find the stunning clarity that comes from knowing who you are and what you are called to do, and our toolbox is specifically designed toward delivering equipping you to live out that breakthrough practically after the 48 hours. But the process doesn’t stop with just understanding. You will build a Younique LifePlan with tools for 90-day planning, vocational decision-making and long-term life goals and aspirations..

In short, you will actively design the life that God dreamed for you.

We curate every moment of this 48 hour event around 2 things:
  • You experience breakthrough in identifying your personal calling (Life Call)
  • Practical equipping in how to live it out every day (Life Plan)
But the breakthrough doesn't stop after those 48 hours.

Once your time concludes, it’s followed by a 90-Day Launch, which is an online virtual cohort through the wonders of Zoom technology to help you implement your tailored and Gospel-Centered Life Plan. 
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People experience extraordinary life change with the Younique Experience because of the intentional process that leads people through our 5 Master Tools. Integral to taking people on the journey is inviting the Holy Spirit to move in hearts and minds. Our 5 Master Tools are designed to help you step into who God has created you to be and as such, our process for Gospel-Centered Life Design has a very particular shape and feel to it.

The idea of “Gospel-Centered Life Plan” may seem abstract. In practical, real life terms, what does that mean? When you complete Younique, what you do actually walk away with? Well, in addition to a custom-built, Gospel-Centered Life Plan, we work with you so your LifeCall is clearly stated with a clear picture of your 1-week, 90-day, 1-year and 3-year goals. The significance of this process is each person not only identifies their personal calling, but are now equipped to live on mission!


The cost of the 48-Hour Life Plan, which includes your Younique Kit, all your meals and your 90-Day Launch, is $4000. You can pay this all at one time, or in 3 month or 6 month installments.

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