If you knew what you were capable of, you would astound yourself.

Who is challenging you to become who God created you to be?

Do Dramatically More in Your Leadership

Younique’s meta-performance approach will enable you to double your productivity in half the time and have more fun doing it.

Uncover Blindspots and Default Vision

The best leaders invest in their growth, knowing that everyone gets stuck somewhere at different times in life and leadership. 

Work Directly with Will Mancini and his Team

Will Mancini is a leading vision coach for ministry leaders, having logged over 20,000 hours of coaching with notable pastors, denominations, and non-profits.. 

Every year we see ministry leaders do more than they can imagine. Whether it's navigating transition, tackling growth barriers, or accomplishing bigger goals, executive coaching will help you steward your one and only life.

The process begins with fine-tuning your LifePlan and building 90-day “sprints” based on your personal aspirations, organizational vision, and leadership context. Executive coaching is designed to challenge your sense of what’s possible and activate a growth mindset. Many lead and executive pastors do coaching together or include their entire leadership team. 

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