DiscipleOS is the key to unlock the vision of Jesus for your church

You didn’t get into ministry to do “program church.” Engage this foundational training and reset the “operating system” of your church to activate the daily personal ministry of every disciple who calls your church home. Your church will never be the same and you just might fall in love with ministry again.

Step #1: Get 4 Weeks of Interactive Staff Training with Will Mancini based on the Future Church Book

Energize your weekly staff meetings 4 weeks in a row to super-charge your disciple-making vision. Then launch a dynamic small group training experience- “Calling for the Best of Us.” 

Step #2: Introduce "Calling for the Best of Us" in Small Groups with a Pilot Project or Church-Wide Initiative

Use a dynamic 8-week Small Group Experience that Embeds a  Simple Personal Clarity Tool Every Day.  Participants write down their personal calling and their vocational discipleship vision. 

Step #3: Activate Everyday Ministry that Believers Were Made For- It's Real Church Growth

Springboard from this training to promote and support disciple-making efforts outside of church walls. You will experience more energy for the mission of Jesus than ever before. Receive guidance on how to convene your most successful disciples and continue to scale the impact. 

DiscipleOS moves the finish line of the church attender from being in a small group to initiating new kinds of personal calling-based ministry every day.

How Younique Works

Step #1

Get your LifePlan
as a ministry
leader – Start today

Step #2

Become a Certified Younique Coach

Step #3

Use Younique in your church at no cost per participant

Step #4

Accelerate your impact with executive coaching