Younique is a training system for church leaders to energize their ministry with the superpower of personal calling

Envisioned by ministry entrepreneur and church consultant Will Mancini in 2012, Younique is now the most comprehensive, faith-infused LifePlan training system on the planet. Join the thousands of church leaders who utilize Younique as their primary path to equip people for vocational discipleship– making disciples of Jesus where they live, work, and play. It’s a tough code to crack unless you harness the power of special calling.

If you aim at volunteering you will always get burnout. But if you aim at special calling you will never lack volunteers.

Let’s face it: the average church runs a predictable playbook. Pastors want people to attend a worship service, connect in a small group, and volunteer on a ministry team. These programs are good, but they provide less and less value over time unless the church helps each person truly imagine their God-given purpose and potential.  No wonder our best leaders are bored. And our growing believers stay limited by our church walls. With Younique, you can release the actual God-given capacity of each person in your congregation. And the best news is that you will never need to beg for volunteers again.

Younique is the first LifePlan training system that scales easily through your church

By bringing together inspiring tools, simple assessments, and transferrable training, your church will deliver powerful breakthrough for every person. Your attenders and members will be unbelievably grateful when you install Younique.  And you will accelerate your church’s vision like never before. 


God has a dream for each person in your church. Ephesians 2:10 is our launching pad. Will you lead them to find their place in the grand epic of God’s redemptive story?

Breakthrough Built

Most small groups don’t challenge people with valuable
training. People don’t need more content. Why not deliver a life-changing trajectory?


People will spend 100,000 hours on the job. You can help transform their 9-5. Will you guide them to more purpose and meaning at work?


Your church vision won’t be realized until every believer lives from their calling. Be their hero. Younique will grow your church like no other program offered today.

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