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Your special calling in life can be known and named. Younique exists to help you discover and design the life God dreamed for you.

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Why Younique?

Everyone is created with unique potential and placed by God on planet Earth for a specific purpose. But most people never find out what it is.

The amazing truth is that your special calling—God’s dream for your life—can be known and named.

With the right tools, you can express your life vision and align your life vocation. And you can learn how to live out your calling where you work and play, every day, God’s way.

Younique was written to give you those tools and lead you on a journey to design the life God dreamed for you.

Meet Will Mancini

Will Mancini is a church consultant and ministry entrepreneur. He started three interconnected organizations that help the church embody the movement that Jesus founded. In 2004, Will started Auxano, a nationally-based, non-profit church consulting firm that works with 400 churches a year to create break-thru clarity around disciple-making and visionary planning. In 2015, he co-founded Younique, a coaching company that delivers gospel-centered life design through local churches. In 2019, Will founded Denominee, a consulting group that increases the value of denominational and network leaders to the local church.

Will is the author of five books, including Church Unique and God Dreams, and he enjoys speaking and writing about how to create clarity and live a life of more meaningful progress. Will lives in Houston with his wife, Romy, and has four children.

The Younique Process

Younique will take you on a journey of gospel-centered life design. There are 5 key constructs used to name your one-of-a-kind calling and equip you to live it out where you live, work, and play.

Icon for Clarity Spiral

Clarity Spiral

Start the gospel-centered life design journey and never stop, growing in clarity with every step.

Icon for Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

Discover and name your One Thing—the thing God put you on earth to do.

Icon for Vision Frame

Vision Frame

Declare who you are today through your LifeCall, LifeCore, LifeSteps, LifeScore, and LifeMap.

Icon for Horizon Storyline

Horizon Storyline

Develop a simple plan for tomorrow, the next 90 days, the next year, and the next 5 years.

Icon for Life-Making Cycle

Life-Making Cycle

Live with clarity every day by applying simple rhythms to your life that keep you on track.

Where Can I Buy?

The journey of Younique has brought light to the depth of God’s hand in my life. Through my past, as He’s written my story, and through a fresh vision for my future! Younique has brought me the freedom to function from a place of true identity and calling. It has also fueled me to walk with others through their process. I’ve truly seen lives changed!Marci H

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