J2:Session 2

Coach GuideJ2:Session 2


To help participants hone in on the most important reflections from the Life Domains Assessment through personal reflection, sharing and listening to the reflections of others.

How It Works

BIG IDEA: Opportunity for three-way listening: to honor God, to honor each other and to learn more about ourselves.

  • Give participants 5 minutes to fill out the Reporting and Listening worksheet: 3 reflection, 2 struggles, 2 celebrations
  • Have participants write down their three biggest reflections.
  • Use the remainder of the session for group sharing, giving everyone about 5 minutes.
  • Model the format and personal vulnerability for sharing ahead of time by sharing from your own life.
  • Remind participants that beginning in a place of reality in their life is the best way to design their life.

Context-Specific Tips

  • Weekly Cohort

    Have participants come prepared to the session with the Reporting and Listening sheet filled out. This will maximize your sharing time especially if you have a larger cohort.