J1:Session 12

Coach GuideJ1:Session 12


Encourage participants to celebrate the clarity they have found throughout Journey 1 by sharing their LifeCall and LifeCore statements.

How It Works

BIG IDEA: Your masterful design and purpose is worth celebrating!

  • Place each participant’s name in a jar.
  • Pull participants names out, one name at a time.
  • Have the person you’ve pulled out come up and share their LifeCall and LifeCore.
  • Have the group count down each person (from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1)…and clap for the person who is about to share, even before they say a word,
  • Celebrate again after each person has shared their LifeCall and LifeCore.
  • Let the person who shared pull out the next name.
  • Continue the process until everyone has shared.

Context-Specific Tips

  • Accelerator

    “This is Me” inspirational video as an option at the front end of celebration to set the stage and tone. If you have timid participants, offer to stand with them as they share.

  • Weekly Cohort

    “This is Me” inspirational video as an option to send to weekly participants in post-session email.


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The Younique Experience Notebook
Page 19

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