David Loveless

David Loveless exists to love God & love others by helping church leaders integrate healthier personal and professional identities, so they live more fulfilling and fruitful lives.

I’ve found in my life and the 1000’s of leaders I’ve worked with over the years, that everyone wrestled each day with identity. The wrestling match of identity is found in seemingly contradictory things that they feel, believe, and have experienced. I’ve discovered that a significant part of becoming more whole and healthy, both personally and professionally is to the ability to integrate all the parts, instead of trying to live in denial of one or the other.

Jesus said…. “you all have wheat (good) and weeds (not-so-good). Don’t pull the weeds.” He knew that the healthiest people learn to integrate and live in the tension of all their polarities:

  • We have both a true identity and a compulsive one
  • We have both personal and professional lives
  • We have access to the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of this world
  • We are two but we can become one
  • We are human and divine
  • We are to engage in rest and work
  • We possess both perfection and imperfection
  • We have both the long-term dream of Jerusalem yet a short-term plan of Babylon