Heather Stacey

Entering the Younique process I had an overall sense of my purpose being one that engaged relationally with others with a desire to see them live whole lives. Yet there were several gaps for me in what that looked like and how I could truly own that purpose in the everyday of my life. Journey 1 brought several revelations one of which was the meaning of my given name and in the process paved the way to greater clarity of my call. Heather is by definition a “flowering evergreen plant that thrives on peaty barren lands, as in Scotland.” One of the reasons this hearty plant survives is that it clings closely to other plants as it grows. Connecting this special meaning to all of the insight gathered within my sweet spot of passion, ability and context, I began to understand what it is that I am always doing in everything I do.

Cultivating is language that communicates a posture of both faithfulness and dependence. A gardener or farmer recognizes their part of tending and drawing out plant life from the earth is completely dependent on a greater source that ultimately provides the means necessary for that new life. Cultivating, as the first of my two words, reminds and motivates me that in each moment, within each relationship, with every responsibility given to me I can step forward confident of my purpose AND provision as one who nurtures AND challenges others.

Cohesion was an interesting word choice for me considering that it is a physics term and I am not remotely a science person. Nor is it simply a matter of alliteration. Cohesion is “the action or fact of forming a united whole” and in physics it is “the sticking together of particles of the same substance”. These two definitions together communicate the idea of “sticking together to become whole”. For me the beauty in this language is the focus on what is happening in the process of becoming whole. A challenging reality for us as individuals and communities is that we are fractured and scattered in so many ways that we were not created to be. The longing in my heart is for people to know they were not designed to live divided lives but rather ones where every aspect is bound to, redeemed and shaped by, their Divine Designer. In the same way I want to spend my life spreading the glue of the gospel that unites the differences that we have a tendency to allow to become battle grounds within communities.

Cultivating Cohesion is meaningful and motivating language to me of something God has purposefully designed in me to do with endless energy in every single area of my life. The words are personal to my unique self and rooted in the truth of THE good news that anchors and empowers me to step daily into my LifeCall as a follower of Jesus.