Shane Stacey

Shane Stacey exists to help people actualize tomorrow’s dream by courageously ordering their steps today. It doesn’t matter if the vision is godly-parenting, building a disciple-multiplying culture, growing a business or learning a new skill–they all require some formulating. Formulating is the thoughtful development of the necessary steps, resources and relationships needed for a particular outcome. Every vision often requires a unique combination of similar ingredients–a reliance on God, a refocus of relationships, a reallocation of resources and a realignment of rhythms. Life is never formulaic but it almost always requires some formulating.

My signature verse has been John 15:16, where Jesus states that He’s chosen and sent us to “bear fruit that will last”. Combine that with the fact that through the Younique process I discovered my last name literally means “fruitful”. Fruitfulness means “to produce effectively”. Every life, every family, every team, every church has a God-given purpose–a unique kingdom contribution–that when focused has the potential to bring about lasting change. I love cooperating with God and those in my relational sphere of influence to produce that which will last beyond our lifetime–and, Lord willing to have a lasting echo into eternity.

Formulating Fruitfulness is an odd pairing yet they explain the tension I’ve felt through most of my life between the organic and order, people and processes, grace and intentionality. They motivate me to live my life with intentionality and with eternity in mind.