90-Day Goal: Day 28: Stack for Success

Will Mancini
January 30, 2021

Habits can be hard to build or reshape, so use a habit hack I learned from James Clear. In his book, Atomic Habits, you will learn a ton of great tips for building the habits you want in your life. One of my favorites is Habit Stacking.  

Essentially habit stacking is taking something you already do, something you enjoy, something that doesn’t require any new energy or effort and using it to create the new behavior you want.  Pair the new habit you want to form with a habit you already have.

Tip 28: Stack for Success.

In his book, James provides and formula and examples for Habit Stacking:

After/Before [CURRENT HABIT], I will [NEW HABIT].

For example:

  • After I pour my cup of coffee each morning, I will meditate for one minute.
  • After I take off my work shoes, I will immediately change into my workout clothes.
  • After I sit down to dinner, I will say one thing I’m grateful for that happened today.
  • After I get into bed at night, I will give my partner a kiss.
  • After I put on my running shoes, I will text a friend or family member where I am running and how long it will take.

This habit hack is so powerful because it draws on what is already in your routine and builds on it for where you want to go. By practicing habit stacking, you will have a game plan for what to do next. I highly recommend James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits, for tons of great research and powerful tools for building great habits.

Please send me your questions, challenges, and suggestions as we continue in the 90-Day Goal Together. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing the journey with you. 

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Will Mancini

Co-Founder. Will is a pastor who became a full-time vision coach to ministry leaders early in his vocational journey. He loves to design process and tools to produce stunning clarity and break-thru the new normal. He is the founder of Auxano, a nationally based, non-profit church consulting group and the author of Church Unique and God Dreams.