J2:Session 3

Coach GuideJ2:Session 3


To introduce the LifeScore part of the Vision Frame, creating a personal dashboard for consistent evaluation of a wholistic life, based on Storylines instead of Domains.

How It Works

BIG IDEA: In a fluid world, many people are still living DIS-Integrated lives. Our goal is to live integrated lives because we are more than one thing.

  • Explain that the LifeScore part of the vision Frame answers the question, “When am I successful?”
  • Use the teaching to pivot from Domains to Storylines. 
  • Use the Categories of Health, Love, Work and Play to help participants begin thinking about their specific Storylines. Each of these are spiritual as they are all areas we can honor God and help others.
  • Share your 4 Storylines and how you arrived at naming them.
  • Explain the worksheet they’re going to work on.
  • Give participants 20 minutes to brainstorm the names of their storylines and to sketch out a picture of each one of them.

Where to Find This Tool



Younique Book
Chapter 12

Journey 2 Workbook
Pages 16-20

The Younique Experience Notebook
Page 20

Coaching Video