J1:Session 9

Coach GuideJ1:Session 9


Allow participants to not only share their core motivations and values, but to continue to learn the skill of spiritually listening to other people’s interpretations and to gain further insight into their own LifeCore

How It Works

BIG IDEA: Three-Way Listening opportunity: 1. To the Holy Spirit for counsel and conviction; 2. To one another for encouragement and insight; and 3. To ourselves for awareness and response.

  • Each participant shares their refined LifeCore.
  • Give each participant about 7 minutes to share (set a timer).
    • Remind them of three-way listening and how important it is in this moment.
    • Reiterate the commitment to being a safe space for one another.
    • Allow for a few minutes after each person shares for encouragement and coaching. This is an opportunity for the table group and coach or cohort and coach to provide helpful refinement for this stage of the process.

Where to Find This Tool



Younique Book
Chapter 11

Journey 1 Workbook
Page 82

The Younique Experience Notebook
Page 19

Coaching Video