90-Day Goal: Day 11: Expect the J-Curve

Will Mancini
January 13, 2021

Yesterday we talked about staying motivated by vision. As you get tired and are therefore prone to distraction, imagining yourself at the end standing on the medal platform celebrating your win will really help. 

Today I want to name the fact that on the way you will experience a dip. Whenever we learn something new or set out to take new heights, we will first have to exert new energy and put ourselves into uncomfortable places of not being proficient or confident in what we are doing. If you are anything like me, then you also do not like to engage in activities or be put in situations in which I cannot excel and be confident in myself.

Tip 11: Expect the J-Curve.

Because of this, I can be reticent to take on new challenges. My desire to avoid the humbling process of learning something new can get in the way of growing into the fullness of the person Christ created me to be. So it helps to remind myself that the dip is true for everyone and, by expecting it, I can dial up the resolve to get through it and not let it derail me from reaching my 90-Day Goal.

Although the J-Curve hypothesis was developed by an economist to describe impact on markets related to behaviors of people, I am taking liberty here to apply it to life design. And to use it to our advantage in helping us not get discouraged and to not give up when the going gets tough. Rather, expect a dip and be ready with your team and your resources to move through it and beyond where you began.

Please send me your questions, challenges, and suggestions as we continue in the 90-Day Goal Together. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing the journey with you. 

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Will Mancini

Co-Founder. Will is a pastor who became a full-time vision coach to ministry leaders early in his vocational journey. He loves to design process and tools to produce stunning clarity and break-thru the new normal. He is the founder of Auxano, a nationally based, non-profit church consulting group and the author of Church Unique and God Dreams.