J2:Session 12

Coach GuideJ2:Session 12


Critical to helping participants prioritize and implement their LifePlan in a space of accountability and coaching for the first 90 Days.

How It Works

BIG IDEA: Your LifePlan will be useless to you if left on a shelf.

  • Cast vision for the critical transition each participant will be making to actively step into their LifePlan and how the 90 Day Launch is crucial to the beginning of that journey.
  • Clarify the dates and shorter time frame of 60 minutes you will be meeting as a cohort.

Context-Specific Tips

  • Accelerator

    This is a 6 session, 60 minute each, follow up to walk with participants through their first 90 Days. For Accelerator participants completing their LifePlan may be their best first 90 Day Goal if they feel the Accelerator did not provide adequate time to complete. It is critical to build a strong foundation for lifelong life design.