Pastors are trying to live up to the labels placed on them by church members, mentors, ministry peers, and even the labels they place on themselves. In short, they are living out of someone else’s calling instead of God’s calling. My burden for North Carolina Baptists is that they would live solely out of their identity in Christ.

In addition, pastors throughout our state are searching for a discipleship pathway that will truly empower church members to create a disciple-making culture in their homes, churches and communities. I sense an increasing burden from many that their existing programs and structures are not sufficient to unleash these everyday disciples.

The Younique process is helping me address both of these burdens in our state by helping pastors do these three things:


Articulate their personal calling for breakthrough clarity.

Assemble a Gospel-centered life design for better focus.

Activate their church members for broader impact.


We are in the infant stages of implementing a strategy to deploy Younique regionally within our state so that all of our churches can take advantage of this stellar training. Pastors are already experiencing a sense of freedom and vibrancy in their personal and professional lives as they live into their Gospel-centered life design. We are also using Younique as a part of the staff development plan for many on our denominational team. The joy, energy, and focus the process has brought to their work is contagious! Younique is far and away the most comprehensive tool kit I have seen for intentional life design around the Gospel that also includes a practical rhythm for personal sustainability.