Time went on and my enthusiasm turned into an overwhelming sense of paralysis at the sheer amount of pain for this broken world. I wanted to be what God needed from me most, but I gave myself in every which way without direction or focus. I was overinvested and overcommitted. I had taken on too many conquests. Feeling depleted of the joy and hopeful expectancy I once had, my compromise came at the expense of those around me that I loved most. 

I came to Younique with both the broken and beautiful pieces of my story. I was unsure how to use them, albeit understand them, but I learned to live from them. Through Younique, I was able to navigate and claim my own story . . . both the mountains and valleys, anchored in God’s story. The incredible Master Tools provided such singular clarity that I now have a filter and lens with which I can make confident decisions, sift through my yeses and nos and boldly step into the calling that God has placed over my life. I have gained a deep sense of freedom and peace that comes from the overflow.