The gospel-centered life design process called Younique has been invaluable as we continue to dream and plan for ways to help us lean into this vision. One of the ways we know we are being successful at Campus Church is when we help people explore and celebrate giftedness. As people start exploring who God created them to be, the Younique journey has been very effective in helping them answer the What, Why, When, How, and Where questions of their lives. With Younique, I’m thrilled that we have found a pathway and process that is helping people of all ages in our church.

When I think about how the Younique process is helping help people gain stunning clarity for their lives, I think about one of my friends, Tabatha. As Tabatha worked the Younique process, she discovered that the high points and hard times in her life were working together to produce an opportunity for her to design her life in a way that she could use her experiences to help integrate women back into society after prison. The Younique process has significantly helped her understand that she is a leader who can use her passions and abilities to make an eternal difference in the lives of the people God has called her to. In addition, the process is giving her tools to be able to step into this calling on a daily basis.