One of the biggest hurdles we have to mobilizing our churches is the lack of people able to articulate their specific calling, so that we can support them. We are continually looking for church planters and future church leaders, but if an individual feels a “calling to ministry,” we need to know more about what that means so we can connect them to the right resources for development.


How do we discern between a person called to local ministry in an existing church and one who might be called to church plant?

How do we distinguish between a church planter and future established church leader?

Do all our missionaries have to be missionary church planters, or are there other calling types we can mobilize for the mission field?


Younique helps us answer these questions. We use Younique at regional level as part of our strategic leadership development process. It helps us identify chaplains, missionaries, church planter team members, and local church leaders. It keeps us from wasting time, money, and potentially burning people out because we discerned their specific fit too late. Younique helps us cultivate and steward the people in our churches. We are also using Younique with our teen leaders to help them connect to internships, training programs, and degree programs in their calling as part of an intentional process to train up our next generation of leaders from our current generation of emerging leaders.

I have seen and participated in over a dozen processes that help people learn about themselves and think about their life with God. Younique is the best one I have ever participated in. It is a strategic tool for us that continues to bear fruit in multiplying and mobilizing leaders.